How to overlay music on Instagram videos


Instagram users can edit uploaded videos by applying filters to them. But sometimes this is not enough to get the desired result. Then the idea comes to put music on a video on Instagram. What to do, if the application does not have such a function?

From smartphone

The installation application will help you cope with the task. Among iOS users are very popular with iMovie. On the Android phone install Power Director. there is an application that is suitable for both systems – VivaVideo. Exactly on his example, the addition of an audio recording to video for upload to Instagram.


  1. Download VivaVideo in the App Store or Play Market, run attachment.
  2. Click on the “Edit” icon. Editing in VivaVideoEditing in VivaVideo
  3. Select the desired movie. Selecting videos in VivaVideoSelecting videos in VivaVideo
  4. If necessary, change the duration (for publication in Instagram, it should not exceed 60 seconds), format or orientation. Change the proportions of videos in VivaVideoChange the proportions of videos in VivaVideo
  5. Go to the “Subject” tab, select “Add music.” Add music to VivaVideoAdd music to VivaVideo
  6. Pick the right song from your phone (“Library”) or one of the proposed application of tracks (“Online”). Click the icon in arrow shape for playing and loading a track (it will be saved in the “Downloaded” tab). Downloading music to VivaVideoDownloading music to VivaVideo
  7. Click on the track again and select Add. Add music to VivaVideo buttonAdd music to VivaVideo button
  8. If necessary, adjust the volume or make other additional settings. Confirm the action by clicking on the green “tick”. Volume control in VivaVideoVolume control in VivaVideo
  9. Click on the “Submit” button. Saving video in VivaVideoSaving video in VivaVideo
  10. The finished work can be saved in the phone gallery or Download to available applications. Options for saving video from VivaVideoOptions for saving video from VivaVideo
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From computer

There are many programs for editing videos on a computer. Most popular are:

  • Adobe Premiere
  • Sony Vegas
  • Movavi Video Editor;
  • Bolide Movie Creator;
  • CyberLink PowerDirector;
  • Windows Live Movie Studio.

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As an example, work with the film studio will be considered.


  1. Enter the program.
  2. Click “Add Video and Photos” (located in the “File” section), select roller. Adding a Video to a Movie StudioAdding a Video to a Movie Studio
  3. Click on the Add Music button. pick up a composition. Adding Music to the Film StudioAdding Music to the Film Studio
  4. Two tracks will appear on the screen: video and audio. Here you can choose which part of the video should be played audio recording. Video and Soundtrack Film StudioVideo and Soundtrack Film Studio
  5. Sound settings are in the tab “Edit” – “Video volume” item (for video). Setting the sound of the video in the movie studioSetting the sound of the video in the movie studio
  6. “Options” – “Volume music “(for audio recording). Setting the volume of music in the movie studioSetting the volume of music in the movie studio
  7. Save the result by clicking on the “Home” button and selecting “Save movie.” Saving video in a film studioSaving video in a film studio

Overlay video ready for publication in Instagram.

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