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On Instagram, a dark theme is not a standard color scheme. To change the design of the application, you need to download additional plugins or applications.

In the standard Instagram application, a dark theme will be available only for iOS 13 and Android 10. But it will work thanks to settings of the phone itself – for this you need to go to Settings and Choose a dark design.

There are other options for setting a black background for earlier versions of Android and iPhone, read on how to correctly tune.

How to change Instagram theme to dark

The black theme on Instagram is possible through fashion applications and browser extensions. In the first case, the user will only the browser version is available.

Another unusual way is to set the color inversion. But u there is a significant drawback of this method – the shade does not change only the interface, but also video, photos.

Three ways to change color:

  • applications. Mostly for Android devices;
  • color inversion. For iOS devices;
  • extensions. For browsers on PC.

Make Instagram dark by standard methods will not work. IN The application does not provide night mode, therefore it is only available in one shade. Darkened is suitable for evening or time of day, when you need to lower the brightness on your smartphone.

On Android

Black background on Instagram on Android is available through applications Dark Mode and Themes For Instagram. The downside of them is that they open a mobile view and are dangerous for the device. For example, carry viruses or are designed to obtain page information.

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How to use Dark Mode Theme on Instagram:

  1. Download and install Dark Mode Theme – open attachment. Dark theme for InstagramDark theme for Instagram
  2. Enter the data from the page on Instagram.
  3. Confirm Login.

The browser version will open, which includes accommodation publications and stories, correspondence in Direct. But are absent additional features like masks or live broadcasts. Social network will open the page in the browser, so the theme will be changed exactly there. The standard Instagram application will remain the same as before.

On iphone

With iOS version 7.0, the color inversion feature has been added. Unlike other operating systems on iPhones have a “classic” and smart. The second allows you to not completely change the color of all media files, but only background and buttons.

How to make a dark theme on Instagram through color inversion on iPhone:

  1. Go to “Settings” – Basic.
  2. Universal Access – Enable Adaptation display. ”
  3. Color Inversion – On
  4. Enable Smart Inversion.

Next – go to Instagram and check the operation of the parameter. Color inversion may not work in several cases: if any application does not provide for working with modified smartphone settings. The classic version completely changes shades even in photos and videos.

Extensions for dark theme browsers

For the computer version of Instagram, other tools for changing the design. Extension proposed for Google Chrome browser, latest version.

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How to install:

  1. Go to Google Chrome – there are three points on top.
  2. Additional tools – Extensions.
  3. Google Chrome Store – Instagram DarkMode. Dark mod for InstagramDark mod for Instagram
  4. Click: “Receive”,
  5. Wait until installation is complete.
  6. Go to social network – click on the icon On

If you disable the mod, the theme will again change to a bright one.

On Instagram, a dark theme has not been added to the official applications (for Windows 10 or browser). When downloading third-party services, you need to be careful about filling out the fields with personal information. Also, check activity through the “Authorization” section and change the password if the service is not working or appeared notification: “Action blocked.”

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