How to put Instagram History on your computer in Parasite service


Almost everything that you do on Instagram through the application, you can do and through the computer. Including to lay out stories – not only in real time, but also on a schedule.

First of all, bloggers and business accounts need this. For Promotion it is important that you have Storis every day. Posts already it’s not scary to publish rarely, not every day, and sometimes once every a week. But the daily flow of stories helps maintain good Reach and engagement of subscribers.

Advertising also almost completely went to Instagram History. In them You can not just upload an advertising photo and write text (as in post), but also add an external link, make a collage, add text on photos and animated gifs – all without leaving the box office.

Therefore, such useful programs and services for Instagram as postponed posting from a computer to Parasite can save you from the need to remember every minute that you need to upload new Storys on Instagram.

How to upload History to Instagram from a computer in the service Parasite

? You can try the Parasite for free. After registration and adding your account, you can use the service for 7 days, and then select one of the tariffs (at the end of the article).

In the menu, select Stories – Add History

How to put a story on Instagram from a computer

Select a background image or Background color. Image can squeeze and stretch.

how to make Instagram story from a computer

Further on top you can impose:

  • photo (one or several) and video
  • text
  • geolocation
  • hashtag
  • mention
  • animation (gif)
  • the link

Of all these elements, you can make a collage and Storys with animation. All hashtags, geolocation, and mentions will be active, as usual.

Photos, pictures and videos

Download as many images as you want. Very comfortable so make a collage (which is not in the standard Instagram functionality). Any you can rotate the picture and photo around its axis, compress and stretch while maintaining proportions.

how to add history to instagram from computer

Life hack – upload a picture with a transparent background in .png format, and not .jpg, so it turned out a collage, as from the designer.

How to add a story to Instagram from a computer to Parasite

You can upload one video as a “background image” (no shorter 3 seconds, this is Instagram rule). After you can shorten it (below slider “select video segment”), overlay photo, text and etc.

how to make a video story on instagram from a computer


As in the usual editor in the Instagram application, in Parasite there are settings for the text – a couple of additional fonts (except for those what is on Instagram), bold and italics, text alignment centered and aligned, size and color of text and fill.

how to put story on instagram via computer 2019

We recommend that you always add text to the story. Explain that on photo, write something provocative or ask a question to subscribers wrote in Direct (in secret – it increases involvement and raises you in the tape of those who write to you).

Geolocation, Hashtags and Mentions

Is everything as usual in Instagram Stories, only from a computer? It has been noticed that hashtags give more views than geolocation. A There are more hashtags in the video than in the photo.

If you add a mention, then this person will be able to repost to yourself in History.

how to put a story on instagram via computer

GIF animations

All gifs are loaded with giphy, so search better on English, so there will be more pictures in the search results. Them so same as all other elements, you can compress and stretch, twist around its axis.

How to add a story to Instagram from a computer

By swiping Storis from the bottom up, subscribers will be able to go to the site, which you specify here. Only accounts that can add a link who have more than 10,000 subscribers. These are Instagram rules and nothing they cannot be bypassed.

How to Add Instagram Story - Postponed Posting

Postponed posting of stories from a computer on Instagram

Any Parasite-loaded History can be published to itself in account not immediately, but any day and time. And if you want to change something – just click on History, edit and save again.

How to put a story on Instagram via computer 2019

This is generally the salvation of the century! Stories have long turned into reality show, subscribers do not care if you are ill or give birth, Storys always needed.

But as an option for bloggers – you can prepare memes in advance, collections of music, books – anything that interests subscribers. A for a business, make a content plan in advance. Download it all in Parasite and relax, calmly go to relax or just live normal life, without a phone glued to the hand.

Instagram account security

Parasite “does not store login information in your account in any form and doesn’t pass them on to third parties. ”That is, your username and password in security. But since the login to your account will not be from your phone, then Instagram may consider this “suspicious.”

This is normal if you use any services to work with Instagram or even just bought a new phone and want log in to your account. Often this happens if you log in from a computer abroad.

How to secure your account:

  • Be sure to keep your username and password in a safe place.
  • attach your account to reliable mail (e.g. gmail) and check your username and password from her
  • bind your phone number and check that it works and you can receive messages
  • link your Facebook account, check your login and password from him

Disable two-factor authentication (when the login code is comes to the phone). You can find it in Settings-Security. Why? When the service will be included in your account and add History to Instagram, he will not be able to enter this code. Therefore this setting security needs to be temporarily disabled.

post or Instagram Stories via computer

Editing and downloading Instagram Stories from a computer – new and superactual function in Parasite. But besides this with The service is easy to do and delayed posting of regular posts with photos and video, you can watch your feed, like and write comments, answer in Direct (!). That is, there will be everything you need to work in Instagram with posts and stories via computer.

? Parasite Registration

? Postponed Posting: How to Use Parasite

You can try it for 7 days. Parasite free of charge at the “STANDART” tariff. Next lay out Stories on Instagram from a computer can be paid by the Standard tariff (699rub.) And Business (1599rub.).

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