How to record video on Instagram vice versa?


Instagram recently released another small application. —Boomerang. If Photobooth Layout was designed to create simple collages directly on Instagram, then Boomerang makes a little funny video. The application carries all just one function that you can guess from the name.

Find Instagram Boomerang on Google Play or App Store

Boomerang from Instagram

Or follow the link directly from the publication of some the user who has already used it.

Boomerang from Instagram

Instagram Boomerang lets you record a short video in real time from several photos (you can not add from the gallery, to unfortunately) in just a couple of seconds, flip it and add this inverted piece to the end of the video. The video is coming “back and forth”, so to speak, and the effect is achieved boomerang. Hence the name.

Boomerang from Instagram

When recording a video clip, you can only switch between cameras and turn the flash on or off. Sam Boomerang advises to shoot a moving object, and this is understandable, because with static will not work funny video.

Boomerang from Instagram

The result can easily be sent to all social networks, including including, of course, on Instagram.

Boomerang from Instagram

In general, the program link is cool, but you can play with it just a few times. Then she, I think, will get bored.

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