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Recently, more and more insta accounts have been hacked. Human entered his username and password on some unreliable resource, used public wifi, did not install antivirus on computer – may be different. But how to recover your Instagram profile if it’s been hacked? You are respectable Insta-user, did not violate the privacy policy? Then You will return your page in a few days.

How to write in support of Instagram to return an account when hacking

A support letter is a last resort, if you aren’t at all You can get to your page. Follow this link answer a few questions and send your request to Instagram profile recovery.

my Instagram account was hacked

By the way, you can send a restore request as your page and another user.

If you can still log in to Instagram

If you can still enter your Instagram profile, but you see, that someone on your behalf publishes, to put it mildly, strange materials in the tape, subscribes to a bunch of people, then do not sit on place urgently:

– change the password for Instagram itself and the email to which it is attached account (preferably change from mail first). Make sure your the profile is still attached to this mailbox. If not, Change the settings in the application. – log out of all third-party sites and applications that use your data password and login from Instagram. – if all else fails, write in support (above described how to do this).

Learning from our mistakes and no longer repeating!

Restore a blocked InstagramIf hacked account managed to return, please think why it hacked. And henceforth:

– do not enter your username and password on questionable sites and in applications – do not use public computers, friends mobile devices, free internet; – install antivirus programs and applications.

And also secure your account with other methods. I hope your page will no longer be taken away!

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