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It’s not only possible to get followers on Instagram, but also through other methods of promotion. Except official (creation promotions), the social network has additional mechanisms and Algorithms

Method 1: Give-away and contests

Give Away will help attract followers on Instagram if the reward is worthy of participation. That is, users will subscribe to the page where useful prizes will be drawn. These include: stationery, services and goods, equipment. But to participate in Giva, you need to invest a certain amount to start.

Organization system Give Away:

  1. Search for an organizer. The user who will lead process of distribution of prizes and selection of winners.
  2. Search for sponsors. Bloggers and community owners who will ready to pay part of the funds for the competition.
  3. Create post, image and text. Preparation of rules and conditions for carrying out.

Information on the conduct of Give is added to the pages of sponsors Away. The exact terms and conditions are indicated. Thus, you can get live followers on Instagram, but in the end contest – half of the signatories will unsubscribe.

Method 2: hashtags and geotags

The hashtag method is suitable for new pages and blogs where it is important. coverage. The volume of the recruited audience depends on correctly selected tags, their popularity and proper use in certain publications.

To match the tags correctly:

  • Look at the hashtags that major blogs use
  • Download and install tagging applications
  • use Yandex Wordstat or a similar tool from Google
  • Didn’t find an answer? Ask a question, we will prepare and send you an answer by e-mail
  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade

The latter method will help to display records not only in the TOP Instagram, but on the Internet in general. Use promotion other than a social network is recommended no more than once or twice a week. Or, Instagram will block the page for using additional or blocked tags.

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How to specify geotags and queries:

  • put popular places in geolocation when placing fasting;
  • Use comments for hashtags
  • put in the page description.

When editing the section: “About Me”, social network recommends tagging. So other users will be able to find interesting pages.

Method 3: news and controversial topics in posts

The publication of material that causes controversy and resonance in society is one way to advance. Thanks to him, increase Instagram followers on their own – easier and does not require additional investments. But when using conflicting topics, the page may be blocked by the administration.

What is not recommended to write in Instagram posts:

  • politics. Similar topics cause increased attention to the profile and increase the number of transitions. But such attention can be regarded as a wrapping;
  • scandals and intrigues in the media. Coverage of such topics is possible if the page is for discussion;
  • military theme and black humor. Pages with similar content narrowly targeted.

A popular topic that does not cause a negative reaction, jokes and funny videos are considered. Such material is suitable for promotion profile, initial start.

Method 4: advertising in the comments

It’s possible to get subscribers on Instagram yourself from scratch with regular advertising and commenting on other people’s publications. Here the item with hashtags will help, where similar and thematic pages You can search by tags and interests.

You can’t encourage followers in promotional comments. subscribe, but you can use the constructs:

  • “Recently posted a post on the same topic. See who interesting”;
  • “I will be glad to see you in my profile”;
  • Use expert opinions or facts that were not indicated in the publication.

-> Шаблон для Инстаграм: скачать или сделать самостоятельно

Helps to gain followers and find friendly profiles. If the owner of another page replied – like him or also write an answer. In the comments under your posts create feedback with the responses to each comment. Will help and independent viewing of other people’s Stories, according to the relevant tags or your audience.

Method 5: unusual content

Before you start a blog or group, you need to determine what Spread on Instagram so that there are many subscribers. The choice depends from the topic that the profile owner has selected.

For example, the following are considered popular:

  • Photo processing. Short video and photo tutorials instructed for other users;
  • relationships and psychology. Family life, the relationship between men and women;
  • photos and collections for teens. Checklists with recommendations and Advice
  • social network promotion and expertise.

Less popular are technical pages, blogs aimed at narrow topics: video games, brands and companies. Choosing a topic, you need pre-select original content and regularly monitor Updates from competitors.

Get followers on Instagram using standard methods perhaps if you regularly post publications and work on content. What matters is the visual design, which should Be different or be similar to large blogs.

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