How to restore a page on Instagram


You have decided or have already deleted the page on Instagram, or its Blocked to restore it unfortunately can not be. the administration will not do this. Before deleting the page, then think about it. Also be careful: do not break the rules of the service, and use a strong password so that your page is not hacked (hacking and subsequent spamming is the main reason locks).

If you just forgot your username or password – use link “Forgot your password?” on the login screen. By entering the username or You will receive the email address provided during registration at an e-mail link that will restore control over account. Also, if you logged in to the service via Facebook – You can use to restore this service.

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How to restore a page on Instagram?

In the article we will look at how you can restore your account in Instagram through mail and Facebook. What to do if you can’t Sign in to Instagram? It so happens that you enter a username and password for Entering Instagram is one attempt, another, but all in vain. Your authorization did not take place due to the following reasons:

how to restore an account on instagram

  • You do not remember the password.
  • Someone got access to the tricky way your account and changed the current password to another. But do not despair, because there are options that allow recover password to instagram by spending a minimum effort.

How to recover an account on Instagram via mail

You must go to the Instagram login page, to the right of the password there is a “Forgot” icon. Click on him and go through the next procedure:

recover password on instagram via mail

  • enter mail or username;
  • after a minute we check the mail, it should receive a message with a link to rename;
  • follow this link and in the window that appears, enter a new password (it should not match the old one!).

How to recover password on Instagram via Facebook

Recovery in this way is only possible if you have there is an Instagram mobile app and the page is linked to Facebook account.

How to recover Instagram if I do not remember the password Move action:

  1. Download the application on your phone or tablet.
  2. Click on “Login via Facebook” and then “Forgot password”.
  3. We pass authorization in the social network Facebook.
  4. After receiving the password reset message, we perform the same actions as in the previous method.

Blocked Instagram page what to do?

To have the Instagram page blocked by initiated by the administration, it is necessary to commit a serious violation. If you break the rules and are blocked, you can say goodbye to your page. Even an account the stars of Rihanna, who posted fairly candid photos, was closed. However, the request sent to the administration was not satisfied, and the singer had to create another page.

what to do if a page is blocked on Instagram So Thus, the service rules that you read when registration, must be performed. In addition, it should be carefully treat your passwords. If your page is hacked, attackers can spam and others illegal things, which will lead to account blocking. Therefore, you should urgently change the password to another.

James Walls

Social Media Specialist & Influencer.

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