How to see the profile picture on Instagram


How to see the profile picture on Instagram

Updated – September 16, 2019

You may have noticed that see the profile picture on Instagram (photo profile) does not work.

When you click on avu, nothing happens (or opens history), both from the application and from the web version.

But there is a working way to see the profile photo on Instagram in full size.

How to see the profile picture on Instagram

  1. We open the site
  2. Enter the login (username) in the field or insert a link to his profile.
  3. Touch the “View” button.

Will the profile photo be in full size?

Yes. The avatar will be displayed in full, the sizes are original.

Can I see a profile photo on Instagram?

Yes. If the user has a private profile on Instagram, then the above way you can see the profile picture.

But not other publications. Although you can see the closed Instagram without subscription (see. In the article).

How to save profile photo from Instagram?

Open the profile picture as described above. Do a long tap on the photo (press and hold) and select “Download picture”.

On the computer: right-click and select “Save image as.”

Or you can save Instagram photos in another way (see in the article).

Video tutorial on the topic: How to view profile photo on Instagram.

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