How to take photos and videos with flickering on Instagram (attachment)


A flickering video on Instagram was made by everyone self-respecting blogger (as well as photos with falling snow). Usually this flicker done with the kirakira + app. By using it very easy and the resulting flicker photo / video can will upload to Storys or to Instagram feed.

The second option to make the video flicker is to mask Instagram stories. How to get it – see the end of this articles.

Photos and videos with flickering: download the application

? kirakira + – iPhone app (costs $ 0.99 or 75rub.)

Analogs for Android

? KiraDroid – free, have ads? Kїrakira + – Shimmering Effect to Video ✨— free, there is an advertisement

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How to make flickering photos and videos on Instagram. Kirakira + app.

At the beginning, choose what you will shine and flicker. More effective it turns out if you choose the original metal / shiny pieces – jewelry, patent shoes, sequin / lurex clothing and etc., Christmas tree, flashlights, etc.

How to make flickering photos and videos on Instagram. Kirakira + application.

Using the application is very simple:

  1. Open the application, select the size of the photo / video – square or full screen? Square – for posts, full screen – for The story.
  2. You can select the back (normal) or front (for selfie) the camera.
  3. Sometimes you can turn on the flash to make it shine ☼
  4. Choose the number of sparkles in the photo / video – intensity flicker is changed by the button in the upper right corner приложения✨✨✨
  5. We take a photo or video.
  6. Swipe left / right – overlay tinting effects (changes shade)

That’s all! To make the flicker effect on photos and videos in kirakira + application does not need much time. Checked by the stars in Instagram.

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Photos and videos with flickering: Kira-Kira mask

Based on the flicker effect from the application, the developer @chrislprice made a mask for Instagram Stories with the same effect. To get it yourself, you need to subscribe to @chrislprice. In our @grammarhelp account we We publish new masks with unusual effects every day.

? Popular new Instagram mask makers and how use them

The trend in the photo with flickering on Instagram is especially relevant in New A year, especially since it is very easy to make such an effect.

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