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First, go to the content store called Play. Market Here the user will find a breakdown of programs by categories, above is the search bar.

Update on Android

Updating the Instagram application:

  • when going to the Play Store, you will need to enter a username and password from user account
  • drive into the search bar Instagram, click on the magnifying glass icon and looking for an application;
  • at the very beginning of the list there will be an official application, click on icon
  • if an outdated version of the product is installed on platform, the OS will offer to upgrade it. Click on the tab “update”; InstagramInstagram
  • After that, the OS will ask for confirmation of the update. We agree and she will automatically do all further operations;
  • when the update is installed, you can use messenger. If it is already running, you should restart it.

Automatically download updates

This completes the manual free update procedure. So as not to manually update the Instagram application on android, You can set up automatic checking and downloading of new products.

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The procedure is as follows:

  • go to the content market Play Market;
  • select the section “my applications”;
  • open the Instagram menu;
  • we find the tab “auto-update”, put a daw. Auto Update InstagramAuto Update Instagram

After these steps, the OS on the mobile platform when connected to every time the network will check for application updates Instagram for android on the network and, if any, for free upload to a mobile platform. This will save the user from unnecessary time spent searching for updates yourself.

The user should constantly keep abreast of current versions of applications, independently checking their availability in content markets. Or to entrust this right to the system, previously having configured all notifications and parameters for this.

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How to update Instagram on iPHone

The update is needed not only on Android devices, but also on iOS. If automatic receipt of new versions is not enabled – the user needs to manually specify the parameters.

How to update Instagram on iPhone:

  1. Open AppStore – log in.
  2. Select from below: “Update” – find Instagram in the list.
  3. Next to the name of the application, click: “Update.”
  4. Wait for the end of the process.

If the button: “Refresh” did not appear – the user needs go to internet settings or make sure your smartphone supports the latest version of the operating system. If the device out of date, the download page will display: “Not supported. Update iOS to version 11 “.

Your smartphone may not support new versions of iOS if it’s outdated and does not receive maintenance. Then you need to download hacked version using the Telegram channel AppStorePlus.

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What to do if the application is no longer updated

One of the problems of users – the application has stopped be updated. Occurs in several cases:

  • the smartphone is out of date. Need to upgrade your operating system or Use old versions of the application;
  • error from Play Market: “Unable to install” or download;
  • insufficient free space in internal storage a smartphone;
  • geographical features of the update.

One of the problems that the device owner may encounter – unable to download the application. Download continues but not comes to the point: “Install”. Failure occurs if the owner Installed Instagram on the SD card. Or, if an error occurred on Play Market

In the second case, you need to turn off the Internet and go to options applications. Next, in the list find: “Play Market” and click on the top ellipsis: “Uninstall updates.” When reconnecting to the network, The content store will be reinstalled.

If there is not enough memory to store files, the user should remove previously added utilities and clear the cache. Temporary files are deleted either through the standard function on the smartphone, or with the help of utilities-clinners.

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