How to use Instagram activity chat on iPhone


Telegram on iPhones works very poorly – often shows you in chat rooms (not only in ours, in all!) old messages, instead of new ones. In addition, you most likely do not open long links to Instagram posts. Therefore, we highly recommend Passing people in our activity chat this way:

1. Write your message in the group, make out correctly (read in the rules how to issue your message)

2. Immediately go to the bot Raccoon @ insta4atBot, write to him start

3. Get 5 links that you need to go through – like, comment, saving by the rules of 3 big words. All these links are short and open on mounts, cheers!

4. The bot does not need to write anything else, he will check yours task when the time comes to check. When in an activity group 5 other people’s messages will run, you can again throw your link and assignments to her.

P.S. With androids, you can also do this if you are too lazy to flip chat up.

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