How to view a private Instagram


How to view closed InstagramHow to view photos and video from a private profile on Instagram? Such a question is very often arises in people from whom just these publications have hidden. Maybe you do not need them? Okay, just kidding. But still think ?

Well, to the point. I want to disappoint you right away. If the profile is in Instagram is closed by the user, then see photos, videos and stories that the author posts are not allowed. AND there’s nothing to be done! We must ask him for a request for subscription, and if he allows you to read it, then you You can familiarize yourself with his publications.

How to find out who likes a person with a closed profile in Instagram

Yes, you can’t see posts from a closed profile on Instagram, but You can find out who likes a person with a private account! In that Instashpion service will help you. Just enter your Instagram nickname person and find out what posts he likes, as well as who likes him! So you can easily and quickly track the second half, and for a girlfriend, and just for the person who you interesting. Give it a try! ?

Find out who likes on Instagram

Check accounts on Twitter, Facebook and In contact with!

One way comes to mind. He is very simple!

Often people close their publications, but continue to post to other social networks directly from Instagram. Such photographs and video can be viewed in the corresponding social networks (in the stream Twitter and Facebook or a person’s wall on Vkontakte and in Classmates).

Find the page of the author you are interested in, for example, in Twitter and check if there are any links to Instagram posts on tweets. If there is, then you are very lucky, follow the links and admire closed publications!

How to view a private profile on Instagram

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