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Statistics on a social network is a function by which the user can determine the level of his popularity. Owners of a personal blog can see statistics on Instagram or business page. Analytics will let you know what preferences audience, how many views the last video got and where a transition has been made.

Way through business opportunities

The first thing a page owner can do to determine Instagram account statistics – activate the function business pages.

Instructions on how to translate a profile:

  1. Create a group on Facebook: add a couple of photos or goods.
  2. Go to Instagram – Settings – Scroll to section “Connect business opportunities.” Business account InstagramBusiness account Instagram
  3. Confirm ways to contact the owner of the page: address email and phone number. The first collage to connect InstagramThe first collage to connect Instagram
  4. Connect a community from Facebook, using recommendations and Instagram tips. FacebookFacebook

The user will be offered several types of profile, which relate to activities on Facebook and Instagram. For example, the owners of online stores will find the relevant section useful “Goods, sale”.

For page owners who just want to see statistics – Personal Blog, Actor, or Fictional Character.

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By connecting the page to business functions, the user receives access to create advertising campaigns, customer acquisition, audience.

By turning on “Show me in recommendations, “you can find subscribers, customers. If the page is popular and active, the owner can set up monetization your activities.

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Connection of functions is available both in the computer version and on mobile platforms: on iOS and on Android. In the last update users were able to not bind their Facebook page.

This applies to personal blog owners who do not maintain business or selling goods. Statistics and the ability to create promotions are the same as when linking a page from a social network.

List of analytics applications

Applications of this type are extended business opportunities and those designed for personal accounts. In the second case, the user will receive a check by the number of signatories and unsubscribers, the number of marks “Like”, the number of views under video.

Photo statistics, number of clicks and see “Who saved “can be through the application:

  • Instagram analytics. Application where you can see information on the number of transitions, shows the dynamics and growth number of subscribers. Presented in paid and free Version
  • Analytics for Instagram. Aimed at full analysis pages, impressions and guests;
  • Followers Stats. Charts, popular publications for month, viewing visitors. English only language. Example application for InstagramExample application for Instagram

In some of the applications you can watch for free, while others require a paid subscription. Buying premium, the user receives advanced functions for obtaining statistics on individual publications.

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Business Page Advantage

Applications where to see statistics in the Play Market and AppStore a lot, but they are all aimed at analyzing the page in general. To keep track of every single photo or video you need connect a business account. It’s free and doesn’t need additional fees, confirmation of activities. Statistics on InstagramStatistics on Instagram

The most popular method for viewing photo statistics in Instagram – through standard settings. Information displayed only for publications that were posted after connecting business account. That is, analytics for old photographs do not performed.

Instructions on how to view statistics on Instagram:

  1. Open a recently published photo or video.
  2. There will be a button above the description “Statistics”. View statistics on InstagramView statistics on Instagram
  3. Having opened, become available: the number of views, transitions and sections where the audience came from, preservation and involvement visitors. The same thing works with video files.

If necessary, the owner of the page can close it from strangers by specifying “Closed profile” in the settings.

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