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You can write texts in Instars in the description of the photo, in Storis or section: “About me.” But it is the description for publications that causes difficulties, requires preparation and plan.

How to write readable text for Instagram

Before writing text for Instagram, the owner of the profile should highlight the focus of the page. If the post is selling – then This is a short description that talks about the product. History about the owner of the page should be no more than 1500 characters.

What volumes and requirements are there on Instagram for a test parts:

  • maximum volume – no more than 2200 characters in the section “Description”;
  • compliance with the policy of using the social network;
  • less than 40 hashtags for text.

And additional requirements, how to make an interesting text: Use lists, subheadings, and paragraphs. Make formatting possible only through third-party applications or computer version.

Tips for writing texts for posts

Instagram texts are different from blog articles. In description There should be an appeal to the reader, questions and answers. Long stories can be broken down into multiple publications, leaving puzzles for profile visitors.

What questions should be asked to the reader:

  • leave your opinion in the comments;
  • what do you think;
  • and what interesting situations you had.

It is important to create feedback in the comments in order to attract more readers. When writing text, you also need to follow literacy and a single style. For example, if there were only short sentences are used – break long into parts.

Verbal constructions over 200 characters not recommended use in instagram texts.

Truth is the most important thing

The truthfulness of the narrative is one of the ways it is earned trust and loyalty of subscribers. If there is a profile opposite opinion, then the text needs to be adjusted. On the blogger or store owner page check other publications simply. In addition, regular readers will immediately notice mismatch.

A separate situation with online stores and pages that are selling something. If the service or product is different from description – the buyer will leave a negative review. It affects personal brand and further profile popularity. In addition, in Instagram has a function: “Report” for fraud.

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The headline that “attracts” the reader

The title of the article is a brief introduction, from where the reader will find out about the topic and open questions in the text. What could be heading:

  • interrogative. The question is raised, which will be answered in article;
  • with numbers and statistics. For example: “75% of users did not know about navigation to Storis “;
  • with the news. A brief quote from which the meaning will come text.

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A standard format is also welcome: an indication of the topic by which dedicated text. For sales descriptions you need an interrogative headings to lure the reader into the text. On Instagram to to attract attention, titles for articles are made in capital letters or add emoticons to them.

Text Characteristics

Any article or textual material has the structure: beginning (tie), the main block of information and the end (denouement). In the texts For Instagram, several methods are used: with morality, advice or questions.

The first type is suitable for owners of life-style blogs. it storytelling (situation description) and everyday storytelling. Second type – for pages with useful news material. Last – also for personal blogs and online stores.


The introductory part is the main one in the text. Thanks to her reader stops on the material and continues reading. If the beginning is not lured – it means the text will not be read.

What should be in the introduction:

  • description of the problem;
  • statistics or interesting facts;
  • interrogative sentences and quotes.

For example, the analysis of problems for a beauty salon is based on “pain” of the reader. This is a problem that worries and can be get an answer in the next part.

Main part

The main block of information should contain lists, formatting. The page subscriber will get an answer – his problem will be resolved. But for the article to be read to the end, disclose the whole point in the main part is not needed.

For business pages:

  • give detailed information about the services provided;
  • describe the quality of the goods;
  • tell how the problem will be solved.

For personal blogs:

  • what solution the author of the text found;
  • options and alternative approach to the problem;
  • what exactly helped in finding the answer to your question.

In conclusion, indicate which tools were involved, links or call to buy / place.


The text is completed with a comment from the author: URL to the site where you can buy a product or service, communication methods, questions and humorous quotes. The reader should receive a “reward” for reading text through a comprehensive solution to the problem or the ability to share your opinion.

Interrogative or humorous ending of the text more often applied to personal blogs. The author continues the story through subscribers by replying to comments.

Correct typography

It is important not only to write texts for Instagram correctly, but also make out. Using the Space For Instagram app or bot to Telegram Text4Insta, the user can:

  • add formatting in the form of lists and paragraphs;
  • use third-party characters: underline, emoticons;
  • Create interesting headlines.

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Third-party fonts that may be unreadable for different mobile platforms (a good list of Russian and English fonts for Instagram that are readable by all devices). Therefore, to make a list for Instagram, the author you need to use emoticons. For the title – set the top case, that is, make all letters uppercase.

How to write text for Storis

In the “Stories” section, you can write text through the standard function. It allows you to write on the image, adding formatting and design.

For Storys, there are three options for adding a text part:

  • through a standard editor;
  • through third-party applications;
  • using video editors.

The last option is suitable for layouts and advertising publications.

How to create text in Stories:

  1. Go to Instagram – log in.
  2. Go to the “Stories” section.
  3. In the modes, select: “Text” – enter the text part.

To edit or make headings, you need to go again in the “Text” section and select a fill. Quote is added over the rest, in an enlarged size.

Text verification services for Instagram

For Instagram, you can use standard services for Checks: Turgenev,, Glavred. What to focus on:

  • Turgenev. Dries text, leaving only important facts;
  • Glavred. Checks for errors and “empty” phrases;
  • The uniqueness of the article and the information indicated in text part.

These services will teach you how to write texts on Instagram. The system automatically displays any problems, indicates hints.

Any user can write texts on Instagram. plans to create a blog or online store. Important to pick subjects and style in which stories, advertising will be written.

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