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Most people think that Instagram is about pictures, and then there is no point in signing them. These people do not read the texts themselves and are convinced that others also do not read them. But this misconception, and if we want our profile to develop and profitable, you will have to master some principles copywriting on Instagram.

Copywriting is a professional writing activity. texts (popular science, fiction, advertising, any) for Internet resources.

What is the best way to write for Instagram: simple tips from @ prekated

Quality is born of quantity

Try to write at least 2000 meaningful signs every day text (one post on Instagram – 2200 characters). develop a habit. So, we sit down and start writing. With in time this will cease to be an energy-consuming process, and articles will not will be “suffered”.

The resulting materials do not have to be published. The goal is to learn how to focus on the task and pump skill. A my further tips will help with the semantic load.

Any text consists of three parts: the beginning, the main part and conclusion

Too obvious, but it’s important to understand that you need to work through each part separately. The headline is generally 80% success, because to read your post to the end, you need to click the “more” button. A If you have already passed all the trump cards in the title, why waste time?

Where can I start the text?

With provocation, important news, stories or personal experiences, with quotation, which in its essence approaches the article, from a question to audience. Most importantly, don’t take all the chips right in the headline, then readers will not be interested in your publication. Main point need to inform in the main part of the post.

Try to write the main part emotionally, but avoid extra details and refinements

Do not write more than three adjectives or verbs in a row, this loads the text. Even if you write the selling text, it is not necessary add a lot of details, especially if you know yours well target audience. Hit the target right away, push on the most relevant moments. Remember that most people make decisions. emotionally, the specificity is not so much important to them, but emotional component.

A lot does not mean good

Copywriting for InstagramBack in school, when we wrote essays, we were told that we need to describe as much as possible all that you want to say. In copywriting, everything is exactly the opposite, less is better, but clearly in the case.

You can write more than necessary, but when you finish the text, leave him for a while, then go back and take away the excess. When we we write, the eye is “blurred”, we do not see unnecessary details that immediately striking when you read it again.

Write in Reader Language

Do not use complex and understandable only to you as professional, terms. Write as if you are being read pupils. And to make sure that you understand, you can let read finished text to them. Or show your draft to a friend, let will appreciate. Feedback is a great tool in any business.

Do not forget about the goal

When writing, always ask yourself the question: “What do I want to say in this block?”.

Personal texts based on personal texts work very well on Instagram. stories

On Instagram, first of all, people “buy” a person. Constantly read, from the books you can draw a lot of useful comparisons, metaphors that will decorate your text.

In conclusion, do not forget about the call to action, prices and ways connection with you

Even if it’s not a selling post, nothing bad if you ask your readers to like you, ask questions in comments or keep the post because some reading out just forget to do it.

If you write a selling text, always indicate the price and terms until this price is valid. If the offer is limited to time, it encourages the reader to make a purchase decision here and Now, do not waste time and do not hesitate.

And do not forget about communication methods: where to write to a person who wants and purchase your product or service? Direct messenger website.

In conclusion of my article I want to thank the portal for the opportunity to share your thoughts and observations in the field of copywriting for Instagram and wish you, readers, to develop in writing texts. Find half an hour-an hour every day to train, because you already know that quality is born of quantity.

And more useful information about promoting on Instagram, you can found on my @prekated page. Also, I’m launching soon marathon with prizes and a lot of useful information on the topic copywriting that you can use in writing any texts.

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