I do not see comments under publications in Instagram!


After the last Instagram update, many users have become complain about not seeing other people’s comments under their publications. In addition, people do not see comments under posts. other people. It seems that at first glance it seems that they are not there, but this is not so, because there are answers to them, but the most comments – not. It seems that Instagram decides for you which show you messages and which ones are not, as with activity tape readable. That is, if a person is somehow close to you (you are on him signed, he likes you, etc.), you see his comments, and if not, you don’t see.

Users noticed that on Instagram some comments

As it was before? So you look at the post and see the first thing the two most recent posts below it.

I do not see comments on Instagram

But now it’s not the last! These are comments from people who you are close. Most likely you are subscribed to them or your subscribers to They are signed. Checking this out is easy by simply going into everything comments.

I do not see comments on Instagram

Very inconvenient, agree!

It happens that there are messages for publication, but you don’t see none at all. Since the people who left them, you do not read.

Why I do not see comments on Instagram

But it gets worse – comments disappear from instagram

That is, you do not see them at all: to your posts A notification slips, but there is no message under the publication, under by other people’s posts you see the answers, but what they are not clear about. what what to do in this case?

If you do not see comments on Instagram, many advise go to company profile. Give it a try! Maybe it will help. If not, it remains only to wait for the next update of the application or write in technical support on Instagram.

In addition, try to see your profile from a computer. Usually in this mode, all comments on your posts visible!

If someone knows how to deal with this problem, do not be silent, share with us!

Update 10.04.2017

The problem is partially resolved – messages do not disappear at all, but notification of them may not come. Therefore, in order not to miss One comment on Instagram, there are special services. For instance, Starcomment.

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