Instagram 2020 limits and restrictions: subscriptions and subscribers, unsubscribes and likes


The time has passed when it was possible with impunity around the clock subscribe, like and fall asleep with spam comments all without restrictions. Instagram limits in 2020 are much tougher and not to to see the scary “You are temporarily blocked on Instagram”, you need take into account the limits of subscriptions and subscribers, likes and comments, Be aware of content restrictions. So you do not get banned in Instagram (the page will not be blocked).

Limits relate primarily to those who use third-party services and programs for promoting Instagram (massfollowing, tasks for wrapping). As a rule, the service will tell you permissible limits and restrictions on Instagram, but knowing them anyway necessary.

Ban on Instagram can be obtained precisely for exceeding the limits for daily subscriptions, daily likes and comments. To all who are not uses massfollowing or wrapping, does not subscribe to all in a row all day, nothing to worry about – manually, you are unlikely you will like / subscribe so much.

In December 2018, new rules appeared in in relation to content 18+, and in April 2019 they were further tightened and introduced new restrictions for those who “ask for likes”. About it at the end of the article.


  • Instagram limits 2020
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Limits instagram 2020

LimitsInstagram for completely new accounts (under 6 months) is much lower than for older accounts. To beginners Instagram looks closely and more closely monitors their activity. Therefore, if you just registered account, then do not rush to immediately subscribe to all in a row, and do not turn on massfollowing. There is a big risk of getting a ban on Instagram. Engage in the account filling so far, unwind it free methods.

Limits for accounts from 6 months.
Subscriptions + Unsubscribe * 60 per hour 1440per day
Huskies 60 per hour 1440per day
Comments ** 60 per hour 1440per day
Mentions (@ account name) 5 in each comment
Limits for new accounts
Subscriptions + Unsubscribe * 30 per hour 720v day
Huskies 30 per hour 720v day
Comments ** 30 per hour 720v day
Mentions (@ account name) 5 in each comment

* Instagram takes subscriptions and unsubscriptions together, i.e. eg, if you signed up for 60 people per hour, you can unsubscribe only in the next hour. The maximum limit for Instagram subscriptions is 7500. If you want to continue to subscribe, you must first unsubscribe some, to be less than 7500.

** All comments must be different. Not under all write the same posts “Great photo!” or put everywhere alone and the same emoticon. Same comments = Spam = Ban in Instagram.

The limits on Instagram can change; the actual ones are in the section for developers on Instagram.

Update 2019. Now the link above is not works. Instagram no longer publishes its official limits. Therefore, now the numbers in the table are approximate. On them you can still to navigate, because There is no other official information.

In the table above, the restrictions that Instagram previously posted per subscription / likes / comments per hour. Multiply by 12 and get limits per day. But at the same time, the entire daily limit cannot be use immediately, you must first restrictions on actions per hour.

Instagram ban: how long does it take and why?

how long does it take and what’s ban on instagram

A ban on Instagram can last from a few hours to a couple of weeks. And you can permanently lose your account. How long does the lock last? account depends on the severity of your violations.

Why were you banned on Instagram?

Most often the message “You are temporarily blocked in Instagram “you will see for these reasons:

  • Exceeding the limits of subscriptions / likes / comments.
  • Perespam in the comments to other people’s posts, the same comments under all posts.
  • Naked body (including children), except: breastfeeding, scars from a mastectomy, an image of a naked body in painting and sculpture.
  • Extremism, illegal materials.
  • Simultaneous login to Instagram from different devices / different places. If on one day your account includes both Moscow and Vladivostok, the application may think that the account was stolen and Attackers try to use. As a rule, this happens when you use photo posting services via computer online or massfollowing. Often here just “kicks” out of the account and you just need to enter it again Login: Password. Sometimes it will be necessary to reset the password via mail, to which your account is registered. If you use several services at the same time, untwist a lot different accounts, then use a proxy server.
  • Complained of copyright infringement (if post other people’s photos without permission).

If you are temporarily blocked, then as a rule, you just need to wait from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks and you will be unblocked. After three of these locks can be banned permanently. That’s why it’s important know Instagram limits and restrictions if you are actively promote your account.

Instagram 2020 restrictions

Instagram restrictions 2020There are official Instagrams rules and restrictions that users often violate, but their account will not be blocked. The not-caught principle works here. – not a thief. “Cheat and spam are easy to track using algorithms, and breaking the rules below can only be caught by stumbling upon account violator personally.

  1. You can’t sell or even transfer your account to another for free to man. Those. you can do it if you think that Instagram it will not track. But at your own peril and risk. Famous Account a person is unlikely to succeed in selling.
  2. You can’t keep an account on behalf of another person. With the exception of companies that officially give their employees permission to maintaining your account. Those. if your account is (or just helps to lead) a manager for you, it’s better not to advertise this. So far, there are no absolute blockages for non-compliance with this rule, but for the future it is better to play it safe, because Instagram restrictions constantly tighten.
  3. You cannot write your domain name in the username website (only possible with the official permission of Instagram).
  4. You can not use third-party applications for cheating or account creation. This rule is often violated (massfollowing). In order not to get banned on Instagram, do not exceed the limits and Use proven services.
  5. You can’t post other people’s photos. This rule is violated. constantly. The main thing here is do not post photos of other instagrammers without demand and mention with @. For a photo just downloaded from Internet, you most likely will not be banned on Instagram. But if you took a photo from another instagrammer, if he sees this, then maybe write a complaint on Instagram. Then the probability of a ban is much higher. You also, in turn, you can complain about accounts that steal from you content
  6. Humiliation, insults, threats, discrimination. If you want to complain about such content, you can do it directly on Instagram or fill out a form on the site.

New rules for Instagram 2020

In December 2018 Facebook (and with it Instagram, because general owner) introduces new content policies “for adults. “For that reason, many bloggers flew into the ban – like authors of educational / psychological articles on relationships and bloggers with too candid photos. Now you can not only write about your preferences (or discuss strangers), but also Use phrases like “I want to have fun tonight.” Full A list of the new rules on Instagram 2020 can be found on Facebook.

In April 2019, Instagram spins even more nuts. Content that got under the distribution:

  • promises of quick money (knowingly false)
  • any eroticism and even hints of it (a certain pose or gesture with subtext)
  • appeals to like and promise rewards for this, requests share the record (because often this is false information) and other similar attempts to stimulate activity

An example of inappropriate content. “High five”; “put a heart on photo “;” ask me how to make money without attachments ” New limits and rules on Instagram 2020

Such content may not be blocked immediately. But Instagram will be do everything so that it does not spread: remove from search by hashtags and from recommended. Already on some posts in blurring and warning of potential unpleasant content.

Instagram restrictions 2020

Keep in mind that even if you’re not trying to trick anyone into money, and your photo in a swimsuit – just to show everyone how you like gym, such content could be potentially blocked. Especially if there will be many complaints about him. But Instagram makes it possible to appeal the lock and return the content after checking.

All about Facebook / Instagram 2020 restrictions regarding read here: Community Standards.

In the summer of 2019, news appeared that now before by deleting the account they will send an official notice where will show exactly what posts / stories / comments you can to block. Moreover, this content can be appealed if you You think that he was mistakenly considered as violating the rules.

new instagram limits 2020

new instagram restrictions 2020

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