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The popularity and number of users of the Instagram network has been growing since every minute. Users like a combination of simplicity use and feature set. At first, Instagram was only for iphone users, but then also the Android version came out, and the number of users immediately began to increase.

However, Instagram was available exclusively to owners. smartphones, until finally developers rolled out a web version of this social networks, which, however, has very modest capabilities: here you can only view the feed, leave likes and comments. Fortunately, following There are many services that can expand these capabilities. In our article, a list of 25 both web tools and tools for smartphones that will allow you to do what in Instagram itself cannot be done yet. Sure they are for you come in handy.


tag search on instagram

Amazingly easy to use service that helps you easily search by username or hashtag. it The fastest way to find what is close and interesting to you.


print from instagram photos

Using this service, you can make photos from your photos posters, stickers or cubes with photos. Available Poster Formats: A4, A3 and the “giant poster” (apparently A1).


Instagram wallpapers

With this app for iPhone and iPad you can make Yourself smart wallpapers on the desktop of your smartphone. Collect the most favorite photos, add frames, adjust brightness and enjoy your favorite wallpaper.


create an album from instagram

This app for iOS and Android will collect all of your from Instagram to Modern and beautiful photo album. By the way, then it will be possible Share your friends. Amazing this app is still can be downloaded for free.



BadgePlz allows you to create a widget with photos from your Instagram on your website or blog. Widget completely customizable, it can be adjusted according to your wishes.


print photos from instagram in high quality

As the name implies, this service allows you to print your Instagram photos in various formats and in very good quality.


chat for instagram

Free application with which you can lead personal correspondence with your Instagram friends. After all, sometimes I want to say something personally, and not write in the comments to a photo.


Instagram photo stickers

Instagoodies is a delightful service where you can order a book consisting of 90 stickers 22×22 mm in size. Naturally, on the stickers, the photos you selected from Instagram


printing on instagram photo

By installing the MoPho app, you can directly from your iPhone order calendars, circles, posters with pictures from Instagram.


print photos on Instagram clothes

At InstaShirt you can order a shirt, t-shirt or hoodie with Instagram photos. Various options at your service design, as well as the ability to add your own text.


magnet from instagram

On StickyGram you can order a magnet that will immediately 9 of your photos. Your refrigerator has never been so bright!


save photo from instagram

This amazing tool provides an opportunity. Automatically and instantly sync your Instagram account with your Dropbox account. This is the easiest and fastest way. keep backups of your photos.


print photos from instagram

Postagram service is used to create, print and send. postcard with photos. These cards can be sent to loved ones and Relatives who live in the United States, Canada, or Europe.


create a blog from instagram

SnapWidget allows you to embed an Instagram photo feed on website or blog. This service has two excellent qualities: it is easy to use, and it is absolutely free.

save photos from instagram to poppy

Carousel is the most convenient tool to use. Instagram on Mac. It allows you to view the tape, popular photos, your photos, comments, likes, and also with him photo can be saved.


send photos from instagram to vkontakte

Instaport provides the ability to quickly export your photos to social networks or to your hard drive so you never have them lost.

Visual grub

instagram on poppy

Another Mac app that makes it quick and easy. view feeds of your Instagram friends.


game from instagram photos

And this is a popular mnemonic game in which you take turns open cards trying to find similar ones. Drawings on cards – Your photos.


printing on a cover of photos

On Casetagram you can order a case for your smartphone with Instagram photos. This case can be a special gift. not only to myself, but also to a loved one.


watch followers on instagram

A good tool to keep track of who is following you, and who – unsubscribed. Provides accurate results since collects statistics several times a day.



An interesting option for viewing photos is on the map. Immediately see Where was this photo taken. There is a web version of the service and an application for iPhone For your photos to be marked on the map as well indicate your location when posting a photo.


instagram on a computer for free

InstaGrille is an application that allows you to use all the features of the web version of Instagram, only offline. Besides standard functions, there are some new ones: the ability to search, share photos and save them to your a computer.


screenshots from instagram

This service allows you to create great screensavers from your photos for Windows OS and Mac OS.


ceramic tile from instagram

Well, a very unusual service where you can order ceramic tile with photos.


Instagram photos calendar

CalendarGram – a service where you can order desktop calendars with photos from Instagram. I think it’s just Great gift for friends or loved ones.

If you have used any of these services or you still know some useful tools, be sure to tell us about it in comments, this is very interesting.

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