Instagram Conference: Feature Description


Conference on Instagram – a new broadcast format, including answers on questions. Any user can create by connecting to “Live”.

What is a conference on Instagram

Two live formats are available on Instagram: standard broadcast and conference. In the first case, the user simply communicates with the audience, responds to comments and likes. In case of a conference are answers to questions that were asked using sticker.

In the Ribbon, next to the Stories, a purple icon will appear with the inscription: “Conference”. As soon as stickers with text messages end – the broadcast will be assigned a status “Live”.

Differences of the “Conference” from the standard format:

  • sticker “Questions” on the screen. If the creator broadcast noted: “Answer,” then all viewers a sticker will appear;
  • the ability to select specific reviews or delete some of them;
  • reference to stories. Questions fall into the “Conference” only after posting Stories with a sticker. Questions on Air InstagramQuestions on Air Instagram
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This format is convenient if the page owner has accumulated a lot messages and better answer them live. For example, if the topic requires consideration and the answer does not fit in one Stories.

During a live broadcast, viewers can ask questions. They are appear new in the corresponding section. During the broadcast, new ones can be added and answered.

How to make a conference on Instagram

To make “Conference” on Instagram, the user will have to Add Stories along with question stickers. As soon as they appear first – you can create a broadcast. All reviews will be in the section: “Questions” located at the top when starting the broadcast.

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How to create a “Conference”:

  1. Go to Instagram – log in.
  2. Go to “Stories” – scroll through the list modes. An example of a conference on InstagramAn example of a conference on Instagram
  3. Live – click on the “Questions” icon at the top.
  4. Wait for the broadcast to start.

If the user responds to reviews – status will be assigned “Conference”. The icon will appear instead of the standard one: “Live”. The duration of the meeting depends on the number of messages. If they ended – the broadcast will be active, but already in the standard status.

Why the conference is not created:

  • no notifications. Sticker responses in Stories are not appeared;
  • The user has not published the story;
  • privacy settings: private profiles may there is a problem with the creation of live broadcast.

Also, it is worth restarting the application and checking the quality connections. Broadcast may be inactive if speed Internet is too low.

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How to ask a question during the conference:

  1. Go Live to another user.
  2. Click next to “Comments” on the icon with a question. Ask a question during a conference on InstagramAsk a question during a conference on Instagram
  3. Write a new review – send.

The creator of the live broadcast will see him as soon as he re-enters section: “Questions”. Recently added will be located first in the list. By clicking on any – it will appear on the screen. To cancel – select the “cross” located above the stripe a question.

The Instagram conference is a convenient way to answer audience questions. This format is actively used in blogs and communities where the number of reviews per day is calculated dozens.

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