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Every modern active user of a mobile tablet or smartphone wonders how to download Instagram for free telephone. There are several options that are detailed are discussed below in the article.

Phone Installation Instructions

For mobile devices running on the Android platform, The steps for downloading Instagram to your phone are as follows:

  1. should go to the online market Play Market;
  2. drive the keyword “Instagram” into the search bar at the top of the display or “Instagram”; Search for Instagram applicationSearch for Instagram application
  3. on the top right of the ribbon, according to the characteristics of the application install button. Click on it. Will start automatically application installation;
  4. The boot status indicator bar appears. You can use it see the end of the download;
  5. after the download is complete, the “open” button will become active. By clicking on it, you will be taken to the product interface. Open InstagramOpen Instagram

IOS System Owners to Remember: Installation Steps Instagram on the phone will not fundamentally differ from the process on Android OS, except perhaps by the name of the App Store Store

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Login to the page of the popular Instagram messenger from your phone carried out by entering the login and personal password user. If the user is not registered in the system, then read the instructions below.

Having figured out how to download Instagram for free in Russian, you need to talk about registering a personal account. There are two ways:

  1. by mobile number;
  2. via email.

We will analyze the last of them:

  1. under the logo of the messenger on the page with the choice of language interface below there is a large button “registration with electronic address or phone number. “Click on it;
  2. on the display we see two tabs: “phone” and “email address”. Go to the last tab, enter the current email address mail. The system will send a password confirmation letter to it. Click highlighted button “next”;
  3. enter the username in the appropriate field, save it. If desired, add a photo. The system will offer integration with the service “In contact”, you can accept or decline the offer;
  4. after these steps, registration ends, go to mailbox and confirm the registration.

Steps to Download a Popular Product on a Mobile Platform quite uncomplicated, and, having read this material, it can handle any schoolboy.

Download Instagram for phone

How to change the language in the application

On Instagram, the user can change the language settings, in depending on your preferences. The function is available in the section: “Options” and is available on PC and mobile version.

How to change the language in the application:

  1. Go to Instagram – log in.
  2. Click on the side menu: “Settings”.
  3. Select: “Account” – Language.
  4. Specify the desired – Save.

The application will automatically update to change the interface by user requirement. In the computer version, language settings located at the end of the page, that is – under the main unit information. The user needs to select one of the languages ​​or use the translation function.

Reasons why language options were incorrectly specified may become:

  • geolocation is not determined correctly;
  • user initially specify the wrong data;
  • smartphone interface in another language.

In the latter case, the user needs to transfer the mobile device to other language settings.

Errors with changing the language on Instagram

The first problem users face is Instagram not translated into another language. This is due to the function enabled. “Location” or mobile data. If the owner of the smartphone located in another country, the application may automatically translate into another language.

Other failures with language settings:

  • Instagram was installed with a hacked version;
  • when downloading, VPN was enabled or the user often had it connects;
  • geolocation settings lost.

If anonymous access service (VPN) is running geographic location of the user. That is, Instagram communicates with another server that does not match the current user geolocation. You can disable the VPN service using device settings or simply removing in active tasks.

Hacked versions of Instagram are different in that they indicate Incorrect geo and update options. This is necessary in order so that the social network does not automatically update when connected to the network. It is recommended to uninstall the application and reinstall it through Play Market.

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