Instagram is now easy to set up who can comment on your posts


In September 2017, a new one appeared in the Instagram settings. useful item. Now you can ask those who can comment your posts, and who can’t. Hooray, the bloggers who got the haters rejoice! Hooray people who want to make half-closed page on Instagram, jump from happiness! But let’s order.

How to set up who can post on Instagram

Настройкинаходятся здесь:Параметры—>Настройки—> Комментарии—> Управление комментариями

Manage comments on Instagram

In the first paragraph “allow comments from” indicate who can comment on your posts:

– all (by default, this item); – only your subscribers and those who are you following? – only the people you follow; – your subscribers

Manage comments on Instagram

Thus, you can make yourself so half-closed page – outsiders will be able to watch your publications, but cannot comment.

“block comments from” on Instagram – essentially ban list

Indicate who will not be able to write to you under publications. Find people possible by search. They will not know that you blocked them, and they will calmly write further. However, their comments will be visible only to them. Hard such a trolling, is not it? ?


Useful note: if you can’t get into groups, described above, click on the gray inscriptions on the right like “0 people”, “All,” not the text.

Are these settings useful? I think yes, but mostly for ordinary people. The first punt is definitely not for bloggers and online stores, after all, while promoting your page, customize Comments are definitely not needed. But block messages from some personalities may be needed.

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