Instagram Kylie Jenner


Instagram Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is the most recognizable model, actress and socialite in america since is has direct relation to the scandalous Kardashian family, which famous for her love to shine in various television shows exhibiting on showing all your dirty laundry.

Instagram Kylie Jenner

You can see the official account at link: https: //

Kylie Jenner Instagram OfficialKylie Jenner Instagram Official

Interesting Facts:

  • Founder of Kylie Cosmetics;
  • At twenty-one, Kylie became the youngest billionaire of modernity, thereby surpassing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (she has the most expensive Instagram account);
  • Instagram Kylie Jenner has over 145 million followers (one of the most popular);
  • Several Kylie publications are on the list of the most popular Instagram photo;
  • TMZ reports that the youngest Jenner clip, which lasts just three seconds in a couple of days scored a billion views in social TikTok networks;
  • A relative of the Kardashian family starred in the movie “8 Friends Ocean “, and partners on the site were such Hollywood stars as Katie Holmes, Sandra Bullock, Dakota Fenning and Anne Hathaway;
  • In collaboration with her sister, Kendall wrote the book “City of Hydra: City of Lex and Libya “in the science fiction genre;
  • At the high fashion week in New York in 2011, participated in a show by singer Avril Lavigne called “Addey Dawn.”

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