Instagram massorization: is it worth it to use?


Massulking stories on Instagram

Updated – January 6, 2020

Instagram Masslogging – Mass View user story.

In 2020, this is one of the most popular ways to promote account.

What is the essence of mass-hunting? Should I use it? Is there any chance get a lock?

Let’s get it right.

Massulking stories on Instagram

The essence of mass-hunting (how it works):

  1. You register for a special service.
  2. Link your account (provide full access).
  3. Add a list of users (target audience), stories which you’ll be viewing.
  4. Start mass-hunting.
  5. When these users publish the story, you automatically look at them (without your participation).
  6. Users will see your avatar in the statistics of views.
  7. Some of them will go to your profile (I wonder who looked story)).
  8. Some of them will be interested in the profile and subscribe to you (if guess with the target audience).

why do people watch instagram storieswhy do people watch instagram stories

Benefits of Masluxing:

  • Cheap;
  • Effective;
  • Convenient (after setting up, your further participation is not need);
  • Low chance to earn a ban.

The chance to get a lock is low, but it still exists.

In 2020, Instagram began to actively ban accounts that are promoted by prohibited methods (mass lashing, mass lounging and etc.).

Due to suspicious activity, many accounts fall under shadow ban (temporary block).

If you can’t afford to promote your Instagram account using white methods, then use mass-hunting at your own risk and risk.

At the moment (January 2020), mass-hunting is more or less is safe.

But this does not mean at all that in a month for mass viewing Store accounts will not be banned. Everything is quite possible.

I recommend to try mass-hunting for free, and then decide for yourself – is it worth it.

Try for free

Within 7 days you will have the opportunity free promotion.

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