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Disputes about spelling the name of the Instagram service periodically arise between its users. Discussions the correct use of the words Instagram or Instagram is carried out in personal correspondence and comments under publications. The hottest disputes can escalate into a real quarrel involving removal subscriber.

Correct transliteration

To find out how to correctly – Instagram or Instagram, just remember the basics of transliteration. According to them letters Latin alphabet is replaced by the most consonant letters Cyrillic alphabet. Based on this, it turns out that the correct spelling of the name Instagram in Russian – Instagram.

The same will confirm any online resource that helps transliterate the text. When entering the name and selecting the option “B Russian “it turns out the same result.

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Transliteration of the name InstagramTransliteration of the name Instagram

Why an error occurs

The reason why sometimes it’s not clear how Instagram is written or Instagram, lies in the erroneous doubling of the consonant at the end.

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This happens by analogy with other words, borrowed from English:

  • Program – a program;
  • Telegram – a telegram;
  • Gram – gram;
  • Sum – the amount.

In this case, doubling is also incorrect for the reason that Instagram is the name of the service, that is, a proper name. Such words transliterated without doubling the consonants at the end.

Other spellings

Although Instagram is a borrowed neologism, it’s solid rooted in the vocabulary of active Internet users. So, the word changes in cases, and in some cases, in numbers. For example, the phrase “I follow her on Instagram” sounds quite Correctly and appropriately, according to all the norms of the Russian language.

Sometimes a word is written with a small letter. Usually Instagram means the name of the social network itself, while “instagram” – already a personal page of a user. Example use: “I watched instagrams of famous actors, found a lot of interesting”.

Often the name is abbreviated to the term “Insta” or “Instik”. The reason is simple – during a conversation, pronounce it faster, and when correspondence is easier to print.

It is logical that such a well-known and popular resource like far not everyone. Users who do not have love for Instagram are christened in a few caustic terms – like “Postogram,” Instaspam, Instagram, or Hipstagram.

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Despite the name used by the user, most the interlocutors understand what exactly the conversation is about. Of course, in personal correspondence with friends, it is not necessary to adhere to all norms and rules of the Russian language.

When communicating with unfamiliar people to everyone who wants to make an impression of an educated person, it is better to use correct spelling of the name – Instagram.

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