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Social networks have ceased to be a place only for communication and sharing photos. With the advent of the term “promotions on Instagram”, private business owners began to promote services through publics.

What is a promotion on Instagram

Promotion – a marketing company during which Ads shown to users. Simply put, these are emerging blocks with pages, videos or photos that attract attention potential audience. On Instagram, this is implemented in Stories, between publications with the signature “Open profile”.

There are several formats available on the social network for posting advertising publications:

  • in the tape. Open video or photo publication with the caption profile”;
  • In the stories. Short advertisement up to 15 seconds.

Now even bloggers use promotions to introduce readers with the focus of your page. Ad serving targets only specific target audience, geographic location and possible preferences.

The advertising campaign is set up on Facebook, where The owner of the Instagram page must have a personal profile.

Create a promotion for Instagram

To create a promotion on Instagram, you need to consider the mass nuances: starting from the goal of the campaign and ending with the budget.

Basic list of what you need to know before starting advertising:

  • the target audience. Depending on the page focus and promotions, the owner should imbued with ideas and problems that are relevant to Central Asia. TO For example, frequent visitors to a beauty salon: girls and women from 18 up to 40;
  • geographic data. Where is the business located or who is the reader of the blog: Russian-speaking audience or Foreigners;
  • type of advertising campaign. Publication in the Tape or Stories, in depending on what the target audience views more often;
  • budget. Funds to be spent on one transition or view.

To make an advertisement on Instagram, you need to create Facebook business page. Basic information and statistics data on the target audience will be collected from the information received on Facebook.

When creating a new profile in Busines, the user automatically becomes an administrator. If engaged in an advertising campaign marketer or manager, admin rights must also be him.

Ways to launch a promotion on Instagram:

  1. Take advantage of Facebook Ads Manager
  2. Using the application and the connected profile from the second social network.

The second method is suitable for users who have previously connected Instagram promotions.

Instructions on how to make an advertising post:

  1. Log in to your business profile.
  2. Under the profile picture, select “Promotion”. Promotions on InstagramPromotions on Instagram
  3. Create New Promotion – Select a publication from Stories or Tapes.
  4. Next – Specify data from the Facebook account. Create a promotion on InstagramCreate a promotion on Instagram
  5. Specify settings – Create a promotion.

Information about attendance and statistics will appear under the publication. The page owner can specify the duration and maximum budget, to be spent.


Promotion settings on Instagram consist in highlighting the target audience, geographic data, duration, and budget. After creation, the proposed publication will be sent to consideration.

The list of options for publishing includes:

  • selection of the last post. It can be specially created in the quality of advertising for Instagram;
  • destination: Personal profile, site, storefront, or posts in Direct
  • target audience selection: automatic or own Group; Publication for a promotion on InstagramPublication for a promotion on Instagram
  • budget and duration. The minimum price for one day is the dollar;
  • publication and payment.

In the destination settings, you can specify any of the options, which matches the purpose of the ad. If the user selects “Personal profile”, the link will translate to page.

Site – Go to a site that meets the policy. Instagram Showcase – store on a Facebook page and go to products marked by the owner of the page. Direct – private messages, where profile visitors can go.

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  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade

Note: under each section is the official instructions on where to get answers to frequently asked questions.

When choosing one of the categories: website or showcase, user must provide contact details. For example, a link or an actual Store Address. By clicking on the line with the address, the visitor will Moved to a tab with a Google map.

Target audience can be created automatically based on recent user requests, age, geolocation, gender affiliation and interests.

Creating yourself, you can specify:

  • title. Using the created template, you can further promote products in accordance with the selected criteria;
  • places. Regional and local: cities or villages visited by institutions;
  • interests. Instagram recommends adding as more key queries are possible. By entering a word, the user will be given list in the same categories;
  • age and gender. Specify age range intended audience, as well as gender, if any necessary.

Instagram Target AudienceInstagram Target Audience

The target audience page is followed by budget planning. The maximum term for displaying ads is one month. With minimal The rate is around $ 30. Minimum impression – only one day.

Coverage, i.e. quantity potential customers. Transitions to the page are not paid, but this information can be tracked in statistics.

Instagram Audience editInstagram Audience edit

Maximum pay per day of the show is $ 1,000, promote promotion on Instagram is possible at 60,000 – 160,000 views. By setting a minimum, the number of visitors is reduced to 160-420 per day. Data are approximate based on the indicated interests and settings.


After all parameters are indicated and checked, click on the “Create Promotion” button. Payment methods will appear that were added earlier, as well as a section for entering new data.

How much is the promotion on Instagram: in addition to the fixed payment, the account holder must pay tax. From $ 1 is 20 cents.

Pay for a promotion on Instagram:

  • bank card: VISA, Master Card systems and others;
  • payment via electronic money PayPal.

Note: if the card does not contain the name of the owner or she “Universal” – payment will not be made. It’s easier to create a virtual card in Internet banking and transfer means through her.

The budget and duration of the promotion on InstagramThe budget and duration of the promotion on Instagram By choosing a specific payment method, the user must enter the number, CVV, expiration date. Information is stored on Facebook and saved from theft. If necessary, the owner of the page may delete payment data in the appropriate section of Ads settings Manager.Method of payment for promotions on InstagramMethod of payment for promotions on Instagram

To track costs, you need to go to settings “Advertising” – Actions with advertising. The section shows the latest conversions, the number of subscribers and views.

You can pay for the promotion on Instagram through the Instagram application. or through Ads Manager. The section appears in the settings of the business page. with created advertising platforms.

Price summary when paying with an Instagram cardPrice summary when paying with an Instagram card

You can pay for a promotion on Instagram via Facebook as follows. way:

  1. Log in to a business account on a social network.
  2. Go to the “Accounts” section – add a new one or main.
  3. Continue – Top up your account – Advertising.
  4. Choose an account where funds will be transferred.
  5. Confirm action, save receipt.

The funds will be received immediately, but with the commission of the supplier. At payment must be borne in mind that the amount for the exchange is charged from the payer currencies.

Nuances of consideration

After publication, the promotion goes into pending status. You can track on your page on Instagram Application is in queues for consideration. Applies only to those advertising first-time campaigns

How long to wait if the promotion is pending on Instagram: day, if the parameters are specified correctly. That the advertisement was launched at a specific time, the user can set the date and start time.

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Pending Instagram promotionPending Instagram promotion

If the user made mistakes in the design or the text in recording contrary to Facebook policy – promotion will not start. The page owner will receive a notification with the text “Your the advertisement contains materials that do not comply with the advertising rules activities. ”

Why do not approve of the promotion on Instagram:

  • materials with a rating of 18+;
  • offensive material: a call for radical action, racism, nationalism, religious movements;
  • a lot of text has been added to the photo. One logo is enough and slogan;
  • copyright infringement. Use in music video or photos owned by another user and artist;
  • Link or landing page broken
  • profanity, a large number of punctuation or grammatical errors;
  • advertising of alcohol, tobacco products, drugs funds.

The promotion will not be launched if the user’s account insufficient funds. This may be due to incorrect specified details, type of card or regional features.

Editing a promotion on Instagram

Change or edit already running ads on Instagram not allowed. Formatting is available only for sites, created through Facebook.

In a social network, only the following parameters can be changed:

  • budget planning and timelines;
  • audience editing. Business profile owner can specify another CA by creating a new list;
  • placements. Together “Ribbons” you can specify Stories

You can change the language in Instagram promotions in the settings of the target audience by specifying other display options.

To edit:

  1. Click the “Ad Center” tab – All ads.
  2. Select “View Results” – Edit advertising.
  3. In the “Audience” column, you can change the parameters or create a new group.
  4. Save changes.

Other settings are edited in the same way. For change expiration date, select “Expiration” and “Show to”, specify new settings. If at changing the “Run Instagram Ads” checkbox “Start” is not displayed, so the page is not are interconnected.

Stop and delete a promotion from Instagram

If the advertisement was created by chance or further promotion is not required – the user can delete the created template.

To remove a promotion on Instagram using the application, should:

  1. Open Instagram – Promotions.
  2. Active – Scroll down Delete promotion. ” Delete a promotion on InstagramDelete a promotion on Instagram

The same actions can be performed on Facebook. Just leave display if the advertising time is more than 24 hours.

To stop the promotion on Instagram:

  1. Open a business profile on a social network – Center advertising.
  2. All listings – View results.
  3. Uncheck the active state.

If it turns green, then the advertisement is still active. To delete a promotion on Instagram: in the same section “View results” click on the gear in bottom left. Among the available actions, select: “Remove Ads” – Ok.

By disabling ads on Instagram, the user will not receive more views and subscriptions until it creates a new one. To completely clear information about the advertising profile, you need to deactivate it. Available in the settings of the business profile, at the end of the list.

Along with the advertising page, payment methods and templates are deleted target audience. User can recover data from advertising account, but not from the page that was linked to Instagram.

Instagram promotions are a convenient and easy way to make a brand or service recognizable. Using the standard method registration of services, the owner of the profile can regularly promote new or old publications.

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