Instagram reach: what is it and how increase?


The main question of 2020 on Instagram is how to increase Reach ?? Competition is constantly growing, more and more people want to promote your account. Therefore, each business account monitors its statistics and almost all invariably drop coverage. let’s We will understand what Instagram coverage is and how to increase it. Let’s talk about the obvious things and share the little-known chips and innovations, especially with those who read to the end.

What is Instagram Coverage

Instagram reach is the total number of people who viewed your fast. If one person watched the post twice, then this is taken into account as one. This is the difference between Reach and Impressions.

Instagram impressions are the number of times your post has been viewed. One person looked three times – counts as three. And that means Impressions are always more than reach

What is Instagram Coverage and Where to See

Reach, Impressions and other statistics you can see when go to your business account. Read more: Statistics in Instagram: how to do and see.

Coverage and Impressions of course you can cheat. Wind up the likes offers – and coverage is also increasing. But if you are not just numbers you’re winding yourself, but want to get real views and sales – then you can forget about the wrapping.

How to increase Instagram reach

How to increase Instagram reach

Content plan

If you do posts irregularly, then there will be fewer subscribers see you in your feed. As the saying goes, “ass raised – a place lost! “. This simple rule best reflects Instagram policies for bloggers and business accounts. IN priority always for those who like a lot and often like and are commenting.

Conditionally – the blogger Masha made 10 posts in a week, I give her 5 likes put. And the blogger Misha has only 2 posts, and from the gentleman’s shoulder I’m giving him gave 1 like. Instagram algorithm decides that Mashin content to me like more. The next time Misha publishes a post, he will be somewhere below my tape. That is, Masha’s coverage has increased, while Masha’s Misha – fell.

Therefore – fanfare – make a content plan! Optionally every post release on a tight schedule. The plan can be only an example. But you should not have big breaks, disappear and arrange “Instagram detox” is not possible if it’s a source of income for you. The Instagram algorithm is cruel and merciless and will never “enter position “. Agree with him will not work.

More likes

Everyone wants likes, that’s understandable. What are the ways to squeeze more a bit with subscribers?

  • relevant resonant topics
  • selfie (they always have more likes)
  • photo before / after, it was / became (stably fall into the recommended many large bloggers)
  • ask for likes (yes, humiliating, I do not want to be a beggar, this below my dignity. Want to increase Instagram reach – ask for. Decide how to make sure that subscribers don’t thought you were a beggar)
  • look at your statistics – which posts have more coverage and many likes, how to repeat this success?
  • lighttime
  • prize drawing, with the condition to skip through the last posts

More comments

Not only likes affect Reach, but also Comments. And it’s important answer them within an hour. Instagram algorithm can cut Reach out if you don’t chat with subscribers.

We saw the comments made by massfollowing – “Cool!”, “Great photo!” etc.? According to rumors, Instagram will no longer be them when calculating the Involvement, that is, they won’t count them as comments. Therefore, if you yourself are commenting on your own or someone else’s post, you need 4 words or more so that you are not mistaken for bot.

Do a post poll or vote so get a lot comments.

Instagram Stories

If you have not learned how to “cook” Instagram Storis, then the most time to start. The Tape of Stories is now not only upstairs, but also in in the middle of the main tape, between posts. Publish New Announcement fasting. Try to remind yourself wherever you can.

Make a survey, quiz, ask a question, invite to chat. Try to do as much of this interactivity as possible.

Spread Stories regularly, ideally every day 1-7 Stories minimum.


Hashtag promotion — not so much anymore effectively, as it was a couple of years ago. But that doesn’t mean that about they can be forgotten. There are a few tricks (some only rumors and not the fact that everything is exactly so, therefore apply on own fear and risk):

  1. Do not use all 30 maximum allowed Hashtags. By According to rumors, the Instagram algorithm may regard this as spam. It’s better Post 5 Hashtags each.
  2. Do not put the same Hashtags under each post. Similar a cold-blooded algorithm will be considered spam.
  3. Important innovation – Hashtags in the comments no longer counted! They now need to be inserted into itself fast.
  4. Use sufficiently high-frequency hashtags (10.000-100.000, depending on the subject), but not the kind that every second a new post appears.
  5. Subscribe to Hashtags. This is a new feature – you can click on the Hashtag, then to the “Subscribe” button. And then everything will be in your stream posts of all people who put it under their posts. For example, you may have an interesting section and a unique one for it. Hashtag. Ask subscribers to subscribe to for sure see in the feed a new post from this section. Again rumored if you subscribe to Hashtags yourself, then the algorithm may be yours to put posts higher in the general tape.

Please note again that points 1-3 are only unverified rumors. Test and see how it will be you. The exact algorithms Instagram does not disclose. Instagram coverage fell - what to do

Post texts

The text should be interesting to subscribers, engage them in the conversation, not to leave indifferent, blah blah blah. Everyone understands this, and which have any chips? What to do so that Instagram coverage does not fall?

  1. Posts that are often kept (engagement is growing, push higher in the general stream): recipes, lists, instructions, life hacks (travel routes, budget, menu, exercise list, list useful applications, etc.). In any account, you can embed such content
  2. Post titles. Often in CAPITAL letters. Although many are already annoying, but still attracting attention.
  3. Do not edit the post during the first days after publication. * Another unverified rumor, I want it to be not true
  4. You cannot post, delete, and publish again. For example, if something is wrong with the photo, you quickly corrected and published again – you can’t do that! * Rumors again, according to sisters husband’s mom’s friend


Instagram determines whether you like the subscriber, including by whether a person writes to you in Direct. Therefore – ask questions and ask for recommendations in Storis, from there the easiest way to send message to Direct. Provoke a reaction in all available ways – both with hype content and stickers – the question is, yes / no (poll or vote).

Noticed that bloggers in Stories sometimes ask about what could you google yourself in one minute? Do they’re just to receive a message from you in Direct (this will give higher positions in the feed of this user, which in his queue will increase Instagram reach). Do not be like these bloggers, come up with really interesting questions.

Instagram cheat

Wrapping is a dishonest way to increase coverage. But sometimes for There are no other business accounts options. People used to see big figures, one hundred thousand subscribers no longer surprise anyone, it appeared many millionaire bloggers. If you still decided to cheat, then you need to do this all the time. Otherwise, if one of your posts large coverage, and the other – at times less, then Instagram can start cutting your reach even further. You can wind up “live” offers in bosslike (? how to use)

I hope you understand what Instagram reach is and how pick it up. But even if you follow all the rules and post cool content every day, no one can guarantee you great coverage. The norm of statistics on Instagram – 30-60% of subscribers see your posts. Moreover the more subscribers you have, the less coverage in%. It is absolutely normal since old subscribers may get tired less actively Like, but not yet unsubscribe. And the part will be completely abandoned account and will not look in the feed. Plus everything is new and new young punks come and create competition. A lot of interesting the tape is not rubber.

Although almost everyone’s coverage has dropped, Instagram’s audience continues increase. So you need to always follow the news and embed in your account so that subscribers stay with you and Reach increased.

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