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Popular Instagram posts are photos and videos, which fall into the section “Recommended.” Owner account gets more views and subscribers that may be interested in further content. Some tips for those who do not know how to get into the Recommendations on Instagram.

The “Recommendations” section has been added by button. “Search” in the Instagram application. In the initial versions of the social network in this category was only available input string and user search.

Popular publications fall into “Recommended” if the number of views and Comments reaches several thousand. Also, the system automatically picks photos and videos that may be interesting to users.

Instagram recommendation pagesInstagram recommendation pages

Two people have the same “Recommendations” if they use the same hashtags, like the posts of one format.

The section works according to the established algorithms:

  • What publications will be in the recommended;
  • popular IGTV, video, photo in the carousel;
  • what format of materials is being promoted more often;
  • user searches and the issuance of useful publications.

TOP Instagram accounts get entries from business profiles. IN “Recommendations” can be found in personal accounts, but if it’s friends or people who like their subscriptions. Under such the publication will say: “I liked one of your friends.”

To view Recommendations:

  1. Go to Instagram.
  2. Click on the magnifying glass icon in the bottom panel. Instagram recommendation sectionInstagram recommendation section
  3. Scroll through the list.

When refreshing the page, selected content (recommendations) is changing. You can reload the page no more than five times, after – Pictures and videos are repeated.

Instagram Algorithms

The structure of the “Recommended” is formed depending on interests of the owner of the profile. This section is personal, but may be identical with friends and subscriptions.

Instagram has machine learning, so the system automatically ranks publications:

  • user interest in this topic;
  • relevance. How long has the record appeared;
  • common interests. Geotagging and certain subject.

Downloading new material in FeaturedDownloading new material in Featured

Active members of the social network also highlight three other influence factor on recommendations: the amount of time spent in Instagram, frequency and number of actions. This means that the section “Popular” includes regular and active users of social network.

Bloggers and large communities use the reverse communication “: like” like “and leave comments under publications that are similar to their subject profile.

Having figured out where the Recommendations come from, You can promote your posts. First of all, you need to translate it into Business Profile category. Promote indoor or a personal profile for a large audience will not work.

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Tips for determining recommended:

  • creating useful and interesting content;
  • comments, likes and subscribers;
  • bookmarks and reach.

Working with a business page is easier: thanks to statistics, you can track the number of users who saw a post, even without like. Main statistics tools: coverage, quantity transitions and sections on Instagram from where viewers came.

To view statistics:

  1. Log in to the social network.
  2. Transfer profile to “Business” status.
  3. Post a new photo. View statistics under the photo on InstagramView statistics under the photo on Instagram
  4. Click on the “Statistics” button under publication.

Usually, Instagram uploads data during the first hours. On the old records are not covered statistics only Information that the profile owner can get: number likes, comments, saves and reposts.

Tip 1: Useful Content

To create interesting and engaging material, the user you need to read the latest news. Logging in recommendations, scrolling through the pages of bloggers – you can find your idea for the post. Among the popular pages are not uncommon when in the publication use the same topic.

How to make an interesting entry:

  • identify your niche. Will there be a page dedicated to life style (entries similar to a personal diary), a travel blog, professional subjects, hobbies (music, needlework), humor, educational content;
  • relevance. View the latest news, do original headlines;
  • photo processing and image quality.

An example post from a recommended InstagramAn example post from a recommended Instagram

It is recommended to choose the best time for posting. This is the “peak” activity of subscribers when you can get the most comments and likes.

It is not recommended to use wrapping for promotion. Influences on content and a selected audience, in addition – a system of social The network keeps track of winded subscribers and fakes.

Bloggers advise creating a new profile to get into “Recommendations” regularly. It is believed that Instagram is more willing promotes records of new users, with a lifetime profile less than one month.

Tip 2: comments and likes

The second depends on the first advice: if the publication is not interesting – to get a lot of comments and likes will not work.

To get feedback on posted material and increase the chances getting into Instagram recommendations:

  • ask questions in the description of the publication. Regardless of the video or photo, in the “Description” section you can set any thematic issue;
  • give preference to provocative materials. In doing so, they must comply with the rules for posting content in Instagram
  • “feedback” with subscribers. Answer to most popular comments, put “Like” on the photo subscribers, sign up for accounts with the same subject.

Reviews on other people’s publications should not be standard – a question on the topic or thanks to the author. More comments under the video and photos in the carousel.

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One of the methods of promotion is the publication of material in IGTV. In this section you can place a video of about hours or continuous broadcast.

Tip 3: bookmarks and reach

Saved is the section on Instagram where the profile owner Saves favorite publications. Tag photo or video You can use the icon in the form of a flag under the post. Page Visitors can create collections, sign them and edit.

The number of “Saves” is displayed in the statistics of the owner account.

Reach is an indicator of how many people saw the post, where viewers crossed:

  • from the “Main”. Friends feed promotions Instagram
  • Impressions Number of times how many users viewed publication. That is, one subscriber can return to one photos several times. Summarized and displayed in statistics
  • from profile. Subscribers and those visitors who are fully viewed the page.

Reaching Instagram FollowersReaching Instagram Followers

Detailed statistics are available with more subscribers. five thousand. Involvement displayed users, age group, gender. Taking advantage statistics, you can calculate the intended target audience and Use promotion methods for a specific category.

To increase the reach and number of saves, you need Use hashtags and geotags. Last only needed regional profiles that promote services or products at to cities. This category includes: online shopping, entrepreneurs and page services, services.

The nuances of promoting posts

View your “Popular”, you need to carefully review profiles of those appearing in Instagram Recommendations. If the topic not close – change hashtags on your page and under publications. Like and leave comments only in thematic accounts.

Incorrect selection of the target audience – get into recommendations it will be hard. In the future, it can be changed, but only with using Facebook promotion tools. Or change the hashtags, age group, but lose coverage and activity for a short time subscribers.

A well-planned content plan will show which publications elicit response from visitors to the page. Make this format basic, but diluted with additional publications.

“Carousel” of Instagram photos and videos more often fall into “Popular” than a single photo. With this type of posts can convey more information, show “vine” (short humorous video), make a presentation or instruction.

Carousel and video in Instagram recommendationsCarousel and video in Instagram recommendations

Using tips for getting into “Recommendations” on Instagram, increase the number subscribers can be a couple of months. Promotion system in “Popular” does not work right away to develop a page leaves from two weeks to six months.

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