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You can find out the date of registration of Instagram using the first publications and online service. Verification is necessary in cases where user plans to buy someone’s account or wants to find out for personal goals. Thanks to special sites, you can not find out the date only on your account.

What is registration verification for?

Information regarding the age of page creation shows what promotion tools are worth using. date register an Instagram account may not be known simple way, if the owner did not immediately post photos or videos.

Reasons when such information is important:

  • purchase page. In case the account was created long ago, on there is no pressure from the administration: there is no control for the number of likes, reposts, posted materials;
  • Instagram shoppers may be interested in Instagram registration date. Page existence throughout long term, causes trust and desire to get acquainted with reviews, services.

Date of Registration of Instagram AccountDate of Registration of Instagram Account

There is no function to view detailed account information. Users resort to third-party services and programs. IN As mobile applications, those that are applicable to creating statistics and analytics.

How to find out the date of registration on Instagram

There are only two methods to find out the date of registration. Instagram account:

  • see the number when the first post was published;
  • Use third-party applications.

In the first case, the user may be mistaken – the publications were previously cleaned or the owner has not posted photos for a long time. Regarding the second option, the data will be accurate.

Using the web archive site, you can find out when the account appeared. The chart will show the years and months when the owner published anything. The problem is that the login could have been changed. By this the reason the information will be issued regarding a new nickname.

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Method 1: publication dates

If the page has a lot of content, the user will have to Scroll through all publications. The function was not provided, but Imero Timeline application to quickly cope with the delivered task.

Benefits include:

  • the ability to choose the date when the publication was posted;
  • scroll the tape with one button;
  • see when photos or videos were posted: marked in the application calendar.
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Loading a page on InstagramLoading a page on Instagram

The utility is designed for mobile devices based on iOS. For Android analogues have not been released. Recommended to log in with browser version of the site to quickly scroll to the first post.

In this case, the Clickerman program is required, which will independently “clamp” the button and show the first post.

Method 2: use getip

An online service is designed to determine the exact date register an Instagram page. User can check their or someone else’s profile.

To use, you need to follow the instructions:

  1. Copy login from web version.
  2. Paste in the box located on the site. Check page registration on Instagram dateCheck page registration on Instagram date
  3. Wait until information is received.
  4. The number will appear below when the page was created in social network.

Additionally, the service indicates the approximate time from the date of creation: “It may have been created.” Only one site where you can check the date of registration Instagram – web archive. The user will see information that relates to a specific nickname, indicating the year and month.

Method 3: in the profile settings

The method is designed to verify the date of registration of your account. СThe latest update on the social network is the “Data” section. IN it describes the date and time of entry and exit, date of registration, transition on a business profile and more. To see the exact data, necessary:

  1. Log in using your username and password.
  2. In the side menu go to “Settings”. Account data on InstagramAccount data on Instagram
  3. Scroll to “Privacy and security”. Account Information on InstagramAccount Information on Instagram
  4. The items appear where the first is the Registration Date.

Having descended, the user will notice: the transition to a business profile, previous nicknames, descriptions and links. It will be no less interesting Email Address section if previous the owner did not change the information.

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This method will save you from buying a newly registered profile and fraud (the buyer pays for the purchase, and the seller blocks access via password recovery via email). Transition to Instagram business profileTransition to Instagram business profile

Option using third-party services to check the date Registration is optimal and simple. Social network is developing, gets new features. Users encounter a 500 error, which appears in getip.

Check on the GetIP siteCheck on the GetIP site

There is a possibility that to find out the date of registration of Instagram in Further, it will be available only through scrolling of already placed posts.

Which method more accurately and correctly determines the date

Setting a registration date will help customers avoid fraud, or at least reduce its likelihood. With introduction new feature, viewing someone else’s registration date has become available. But works only on business pages, with the number of subscribers it doesn’t less than 5000. On private and closed pages, this option unavailable.

Which method is better in checking:

  • by watching the date of registration on Instagram, the user also learns about nickname changes;
  • third-party services show only the number and year of creation account. But this method works on all accounts.

But the date the account was created is not a guarantee of probability fraud. For example, a page could be bought or hacked. attackers. This applies to profiles selling products or services. When buying an account on Instagram, you need to check connect to email address, view data account. If your email has been changed recently and belonged to another user – you need to clarify the reason.

Otherwise, the main owner of the page may apply for profile recovery. In this case, the funds spent on no one will refund the purchase of an account.

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