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More and more often comments began to come to our blog from request to tell for what such violations of Instagram rules blocked the account. Yes, a set of Instagram “laws” really is, it is published in the official certificate, which can be found on the site, and for their violations it is easy to “catch” the block.

A few basic rules of behavior on Instagram

For violations, your account may be blocked, although if ponder, an ordinary person registered for communication is unlikely whether they will violate.

Instagram – you can send only your own to the feed photos and videos or those materials that you are entitled publish i.e. do not steal other people’s publications;

– post only “relevant” materials: photos and videos of naked bodies, sex, and also posts where violence against humans or animals, even if it’s just some kind of “interesting” event. You can upload photos of breastfeeding women, as well as works of art with naked bodies. Images of naked children, even partially, are deleted from Instagram;

– do not send spam, do not write the same comments to others users, do not advertise your product on the pages Celebrities

– do not resort to third-party applications that help increase the number of your subscribers and likes;

– obey the laws of your country: do not call for violence, religious hatred, do not offer sexual services, do not promote drugs, do not sell illicit goods and etc .;

– do not post posts that are hostile to a person or group of persons, as well as aimed at humiliation and insult;

– do not urge yourself to mutilate yourself and do not lay out at all photos and videos on this subject.

If you are a completely ordinary user who talks in profile about your ordinary life, then you are unlikely to break these rules Instagram. Most likely to be blocked without warnings from online stores and pages trying to type a large number of followers by various means, most often forbidden. So if you are going to sell something in Instagram, be sure to first read the rules community.

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