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Shopping Tags / Shopping appeared in the American version of Instagram (Togrovye) Tags. What are they needed for? It’s easy with them click on the photo and product information will appear on it. Pressing such a link, you can go to the page with detailed product information. There will also be a link to the page on your site where you can buy this product. For business accounts, this a real gift! And it will be much easier for customers to order something through Instagram – no need to write to Direct and wait response.

In Russia, there are no such tags on Instagram yet. Would you like to see, how will it look like? In the video below.

There are so many business accounts on Instagram selling everything – clothes, accessories, goods for children, for home, etc. Many needlewomen and large stores earning on Instagram. But so far there is no ideal scheme for working with customers. Like for example on sites – I selected a product, clicked on the “buy” button and voila – you leave the phone and the order is placed.

This is exactly the task Solving Shopping Tags / Shopping (Togrovye) Tags (we don’t know yet how exactly they will be called in Russian Instagram – we offer “Shopping Tags”).

Shopping Tags (Shopping Tags) can be done just like you Now note other accounts in your photo. Thereby the visual part will not suffer – your photo will be pristine clean. But if you click on it with your finger, then links to pages with a product card. Such a “card” is simplified version of the product description on the site. Therefore, it loads quickly (and on the phone this is very important!). But if desired, the subscriber can either immediately return to Instagram, or go to the site and buy your product.

In the future, on Instagram it will be possible to save such cards goods. This is very useful because not everyone is ready to buy right away. same. Sometimes I want to see the goods in a different color, compare prices and quality in different stores, etc. You can save yourself everything product cards and then choose the best one from them.

Instagram also plans to click on Shopping Tags / Shopping (Tag) Tags display slideshows, videos, etc. Your product can will see in all its glory. In the end, this should affect conversion (products will be bought more often).

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