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Everyone has heard the news that recently Instagram owned by Facebook. After a short time a surprise was expected after a perfect deal – introduction new features. One of the updates was the video chat on Instagram.

general information

This type of chat allows you to communicate via video. There are two communication options:

  • one on one;
  • a group of people.

The chat window can be reduced and continue during the conversation. use Instagram for other purposes (view the feed, like, post photos, story, write comments).

Where to look for a video chat?

After the update appeared, users had a question how start a video chat on Instagram. The button on the main page, denoting the desired function is missing. Does this mean that video calls not available? Not! You need to search for the function through Direct:

  1. Go to the Instagram feed.
  2. Go to Direct (icon in the upper right corner). Instagram DirectInstagram Direct
  3. Select a contact, enter the dialogue with him. Instagram Contact PickerInstagram Contact Picker
  4. Click on the icon in the form of a camera (located at the top on right). InstagramInstagram
  5. After the completed actions, a video call will begin. There is a challenge in Instagram video chatThere is a challenge in Instagram video chat
  • Didn’t find an answer? Ask a question, we will prepare and send you an answer by e-mail
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At the same time, it’s worth answering the question of how to make video chat in Instagram group.

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To do this, during a conversation you need:

  1. Click on the grid icon. Instagram group chatInstagram group chat
  2. Select second / third / fourth contact.

You can add up to four people to the conversation.

You can exit the chat at any time by clicking on the icon with red by phone.

What to do if video chat on Instagram does not work? First the turn is to check the quality of network transmission. Communication may be interrupted due to bad internet.

If you have problems displaying / broadcasting the video or sound, the cause may be due to damage to the camera or microphone on a smartphone.

If video chat is not needed

Some users find this update unnecessary and are interested in how to disable video chat on Instagram. You can do it in the settings of Instagram.

There are three steps to follow:

  1. Go to your profile page and go to “Settings” (three dots in the upper right corner). Instagram SettingsInstagram Settings
  2. Scroll down and find the section “Push notifications”, go into it. InstagramInstagram
  3. Find the “Video Chat” section (it’s located in the bottom of the page) and check the box next to Off. Here you can also enable the reception video calls only from your subscriptions or from all users Instagram.

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That, in fact, is all the information you should know about video chat on Instagram.

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