Instagram: what is it?


Instagram is a very popular social network and at the same time an application on fashionable smartphones, with which users share photos with their friends and video materials. It is so rapidly gaining popularity that so many people (especially after integration with Vkontakte), not familiar with her, interested in a simple question: what is Instagram?

In a nutshell, it’s very difficult to consecrate such a big topic, but I I will try to do it.

Instagram: what is it

What is Instagram? As I wrote above, this is not only social network, but also an application. You can immediately object to me: and Vkontakte, Facebook and Twitter are also represented on mobile Internet, but they don’t write about them like that. From the very beginning, Instagram was only a program on the phone, on the computer they couldn’t to use. This is what made him different from other social networks, and that’s why you need to say that this is also an application.

But time passes, and more recently, developers have expanded the functions of his offspring, and watching photos and videos from his friends became It is possible on a computer using the official website. However, You can still upload materials using a PC only with phone. This imposes on Instagram a note of mobility and undergroundness, that is, closeness. Although there are actually programs that allow you to reset your photo on Instagram with computer, but more on that in another article.

As in any other social. network, you can like photos and video, as well as leave comments to them, this is similar to Facebook You can subscribe to the users you like, and people who like you follow you. In this sense Instagram is very similar to Twitter.

In principle, this application does not know anything else. But believe me these functions are absolutely enough to communicate with your friends, and follow the news of people around the world.

I hope from my short article you understand a little bit is an intagram and what it is eaten with. It’s probably not clear to you why everyone loves him so much. This is another conversation, read about this link, and you will understand.

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