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On Instagram, people search without registration is available such ways: using the link to the page, through hashtags, by name in Google, as well as through third-party sites. Depending on the selected options, the accuracy of the results may vary: choose the intended user yourself or immediately Go to the desired account.

Searching on Instagram without registration is possible if login is known.

To do this, you must:

  1. Open the web version of the social network.
  2. In the search bar (where the link is located), after .com /, enter login. Enter the username on InstagramEnter the username on Instagram
  3. Press the Enter key and see the results. User page after searching on InstagramUser page after searching on Instagram

Using this method, you need to carefully consider register.

The link leads to the page of a specific user and, if you enter the information is incorrect – you can get into someone else’s profile. Or the system will show an error: “The user will not find in base “.

To find out the login, you can use other social networks. For example, some owners of Instagram pages, the account is tied to VK or Facebook. Just look into section: “My site” or the same name connected service.

Method 2: by hashtags and geotags

Registration with this method is necessary, otherwise access user database will fail.

The search is carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. Log in to Instagram from a mobile device or computer.
  2. Log in to your profile or create a new one. Hashtag Search on InstagramHashtag Search on Instagram
  3. Go to the “Search” section – select a section “By hashtags.” Searching for hashtags on Instagram second stageSearching for hashtags on Instagram second stage
  4. The system will display the latest popular queries as well as photos that were recently published.

Geolocation is the place visited by the owner of the page and indicated on the map. Often, members of social networks point to what institutions they were or the city where they live.

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The search is implemented through the Google map in which it connects Instagram:

  1. Open the “Search” section. Search by places and tags on InstagramSearch by places and tags on Instagram
  2. Select the category “Places” – enable location determination.
  3. Indicate the desired settlement, street. Search for places on InstagramSearch for places on Instagram
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A list of people and photos that are indicated when publishing photos of the desired location. The disadvantage of this method is that far few indicate places on publications.

Finding a person using hashtags or geo is very difficult, especially in megacities.

Method 3: through the Webstagram service

Webstagram service is designed to search for any member social network Instagram. To view an Instagram account, optional registration. Features include quick search by popular tags, which increases the effectiveness of the result.

To find a person, you should:

  1. Go to the site. Instagram for InstagramInstagram for Instagram
  2. In the search bar enter login, hashtag or name. Webstagram Instagram user searchWebstagram Instagram user search
  3. Choose among the proposed options proposed user.

By clicking on the page, you can see the latest publications or page actions. Often an error occurs, but the service allows you to copy the link and go already using the first way.

View closed profile does not work, only available link to it.

Method 4: search by users

Available only after registration in the Instagram system. To to get acquainted with a foreign page, you need to log in to the social network. Next – go to the “Search” section or recommended.

An additional opportunity, how to find a friend or friend – go through the contact list in the phone.

To do this, you must register and follow instructions:

  1. Go to the “Settings” category.
  2. Select “Contacts” or Facebook (if profile from the social network was connected) – Allow access to contacts. Contacts on InstagramContacts on Instagram
  3. Subscribe to the account you need. Contacts on Instagram subscribeContacts on Instagram subscribe

By connecting a profile from Facebook, the same list opens. friends you can add. Instagram collects information about those users who called the mobile number. therefore You can find people whose mobile was once recorded.

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Method 5: search by name or nickname

This option can be implemented through a request to Google or Yandex. Entering the “name of the person”, you need to add the inscription “Instagram”.

The search results will show all account owners who registered on Instagram with this name or nickname. Can Log in to the page without registering in the system. Instagram search in GoogleInstagram search in Google

For the result to be more accurate, you need to enter detailed information relative to the account holder. For example, last name, age or town. Such information may be in the profile description.

Search for people without registering on Instagram

On Instagram, you can search for users without authorization, using the computer version of the social network.

To find a person, you should:

  1. Go to the browser – in the address bar write: “”.
  2. The unknown user page will appear.
  3. At the top will be available section: “Search”. Searching people on Instagram without registering through a PCSearching people on Instagram without registering through a PC

Unlike the mobile version with authorization, the user is not A complete list will be offered. But you can find a person and specifying the name and surname in the search. The system will find a person if these data indicated on his page.

What could go wrong

View closed pages will not work. None of the services does not provide services for viewing hidden information. Downloading programs or applications, the user can get viruses or completely lose your account due to hacking.

Search results for people without registering on Instagram depend on the completeness of the information that was provided. One of non-standard methods – through Google pictures.

In this case, you need a photo of a person from a social network or earlier Published on Instagrame. Search through Google pictures for InstagramSearch through Google pictures for Instagram

The instruction is to open in the search “Pictures” and upload the existing one. In reply all possible pages of this user will appear, as well as similar pictures.

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