Is it possible to recover a deleted page in Instagram?


Users of many social networks knowingly or unconsciously delete their accounts. Delete personal page Instagramtom is no exception. Over time mood changes, and there is a desire to regain access account. How to recover access to a remote or blocked page on Instagram? blocked a page on Instagram how to recover?

How to restore an account on Instagram?

By visiting the instagram help center, you can find the answer. There it is said that if the account has been deleted, then it recovery is not possible. You can only register a new one page on the social network, indicating the previous e-mail. And here is the name The user must be different.

unblock instagram account So after deletion to restore your page can not be. And that means that all your photos and videos on the page are deleted forever. Therefore, Before you start using this social network, you should to get acquainted with all the conditions use instagram.

How to delete a page on Instagram?

How to temporarily freeze a page on Instagram If read more carefully the answer in the instagram help center then you can use this network in the future even with the old by email. Naturally, this makes you neither cold nor hot, since the photos and videos cannot be returned. We advise you to make copies all the photos and videos you posted on the Instagram page. So, if you want to delete the account, and after a while register a new account on instagram, you can easily publish absolutely all the photos and videos that were on previous account.

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