This Canadian guy found his popularity very quickly, which peculiar to our time. The singer is so young that even the Internet appeared 3 years earlier than him!

They first heard about him in 2007, when mom posted on YouTube video of Bieber singing various popular songs. Steel records gain a huge amount of views, and in the comments to the video unheard of battles unfolded. A little later Bieber appeared manager Scooter Brown, who provided the young talented meeting with Asher, thus pushing him into a big show business.

The popularity that Bieber received turned out to be quite specific. In particular, his video for the debut Baby song album in 2010 collected a record number of “dislikes” and maintains this dubious record to this day.

Today Justin Bieber has released three full albums and several singles, participated on many popular tracks performers (primarily rappers). Unknown more helped the success of these tracks – Justin’s vocals or his reputation.

Justin’s personal life is also controversial. Yes, and her personal difficult to name. A long romance with Selena Gomez, problems with the law, and now there’s also a creative crisis – all this immediately fell into headers.

Bieber and Selena Gomez Instagram

Justin Bieber Instagram Page

Bieber Instagram photo

Bieber on Instagram

Bieber Instagram photo

Bieber on Instagram



As if ordinary publicity is not enough for him! Justin Instagram Bieber is not just a personal blog, but an entire personal media with an enviable an audience of more than 18 million readers, note that uBeyonce on Instagram 19 million readers. New photos appear on his page daily, often he spreads out a day several new frames.

In the photographs of Bieber with friends, on board an airplane, in “selfie” and at concerts. He shows off his plentiful tattoos, uploads short concert videos, sends greetings to friends – in short, Justin Bieber on Instagram lives a full life. At all saying on Instagram Justin Bieber is posting enough video often, so don’t be alarmed by the constant sound when watching.

Find a young star in the service is not a problem: on Justin’s Instagram Bieber’s link is exceptionally logical – @justinbieber. The main thing – Know how his name is spelled.

The discussion in the comments is mainly, of course, on English language. If you want the owner of the page you read (however unlikely it may be), write also in English.

Account: @justinbieber.

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