Like time on Instagram: what is it and how spend?


Like time on Instagram

Like time on Instagram is a PR game that can help promote your account.

Using Like Time you can:

  • Increase coverage;
  • Go to TOP;
  • Attract new subscribers.

Everyone wins: organizers and participants.

Let’s see how Light Time works and how it spend.

Like time on Instagram

How to participate in Like Time:

  1. Открываем раздел “Интересное” Like time on Instagram: what is it and how spend? в нижней части экрана.
  2. In the top of the search bar, write the word “Lighttime”.
  3. We touch “Tags.”
  4. We open any publication.
  5. We fulfill the conditions.
  6. We get free likes and subscribers.

Lighttime on InstagramLighttime on Instagram

  • Participate only in new Lighttime (no more than 2 hours from time of post publication).

How to spend Like time:

  1. Upload a photo (examples can be found by hashtag # light time).
  2. Add hashtags.
  3. We specify the rules.
  4. Publish a post.

For example, such rules:

  • Subscribe on me;
  • Like post with photo;
  • Subscribe to all who like the photo;
  • Leave any comment;
  • Subscribe to those who follow you.

PR game on InstagramPR game on Instagram

Is Like Time effective? Can they ban it?

You will feel the result in any case: new living subscribers, likes on the photo, increased coverage.

But for this it’s quite possible to get a shadow ban (or lock forever and ever).

Spend Like time no more than once a week.

Personally, I recommend promoting your Instagram with white methods, so that one day not to lose the account and spent time for promotion.

Or you can add live subscribers to extremes using special service.

Video lesson on: Like time in Instagram.

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