Live on Instagram how to enable?


Live streams on Instagram have become very popular in social network. All the stars and bloggers are now actively using this function. Consider in more detail what it is, why it use and how to create and enable live broadcast yourself. Live on Instagram what is it?

Live broadcast on Instagram what is it?

The whole point of this function is to shoot video in live and broadcast it to your subscribers. Can in turn on Instagram any time and start live broadcast to tell or show your subscribers something important. there is A few important points to be aware of.

  • Time limit – broadcast without interruption may last up to 1 hour.
  • Live notifications – all your subscribers will receive notification that you started live broadcast.
  • The Live icon appears in the History panel.
  • Live viewers can write comments on the video.
  • Live streaming can be saved up to 24 hours after completion records.

broadcasts for subscribers on instagram

In order to start a live broadcast with subscribers, you need to do the following:

  1. Launch the Instagram application and go to the news feed from friends: update Instagram feed
  2. In the panel where are the stories of friends choose to create your own and We get to the screen for creating a broadcast: how to start broadcasting on instagram
  3. At the bottom of the screen, click start live broadcast. Is worth note that you can switch between cameras. Viewers can write comments that you can see during the broadcast and answer them. record broadcast on instagram
  4. So simple, you can start the online broadcast in Instagram. And to watch other people’s broadcasts, simply click on Broadcast icon in the History panel.

Why doesn’t live broadcast on Instagram?

What to do if you can’t start the broadcast or watch someone else’s? A few reasons why there is no ether:

  • Check if the latest version of the application is installed, if not update Instagram to the latest version.
  • There’s a slight delay in starting the live broadcast, wait a while.

The social network Vkontakte also now has a function for video Broadcasts Vk Live.

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