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Before you post a live photo on Instagram, you should figure out what it is and why such a “feature” is needed. Cinematography is a type of content that is slightly different from ordinary animation.

In a static photo, part of the image comes to life, focusing on the attention of the viewer. The advantage is that live photos in Instagram does not require a lot of time to create.

This is a good additional tool for selling various products: potential customers will appreciate, for example, fluttering in the wind a dress or jewelry sparkling in the sun.

Ways to create live photos

Instagram users who want to diversify their page with this type of content, you should learn how to make live photos in Instagram with minimal effort, without using too complicated software. There are a couple of programs ideally adapted for this task.


The application creates live photos from still images thanks to adding motion vectors. Both iOS and iOS versions are available. for Android. There is also a Windows version to work with which is more convenient than on a touch device. Download live You can then take a photo from the computer by installing a special extension for browser.

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To use the service, registration is required. Also worth consider that full functionality is only available after purchase paid subscription.

New Plotagraph ProjectNew Plotagraph Project Program Usage Algorithm simple:

  1. Upload any static image;
  2. Use the brush to select the elements that should remain. motionless;
  3. Set animation points and direction of movement;
  4. Export animation to MP4 format;
  5. Find it in the “My Exports” section and download the video on a computer.

Creating Animations in PlotagraphCreating Animations in Plotagraph

To preview the result, press the button. in the form of a triangle. As in any program, actions can be undone using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Z. Also follows keep in mind that with free use of Plotaverse the program leaves the watermark.

My Plotagraph ExportsMy Plotagraph Exports

The most beautiful live photos are obtained from images in which water, smoke or clouds are present. More add points animations and the shorter the vectors, the more realistic it will be look like movement of elements.


The principle of operation of this program is fundamentally different: it allows you to add a live photo created from a video, “freezing” the area, which should remain static. For in order to get high-quality video, it is better to use a tripod for the phone or just lock it on a fixed surface.

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How to use Cinemagraph:

  1. Aim the viewfinder on the subject;
  2. Press and hold the round button at the bottom of the screen;
  3. Fill in the areas that should move with your finger;
  4. Click the checkmark and wait for the video to process.

The finished result in MP4 format is saved in the gallery devices. Then this video can be posted on Instagram. Having trained, in this way you can create the most various live photos that will decorate any Instagram account.

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