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Boft Introduces Printing Machines Worldwide Photos from Instagram in Polaroid format. Smartphones and tablets are thrown back in time when we sad photos from soap dishes and put them in albums. Nevertheless, many still want to print this or that photo and frame or attach to the same album. Boft has made machines with which You can print photos from your Instagram.

print photos from Instagram

Addresses of machines for printing photos from Instagram to Of Russia

Automatic machines are made of wood and installed in Moscow St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia. But the company declares that it launches such machines around the world.

Instagram photo printing machines

You can print with Boft machines only even number of photos. Printing two shots will cost you only 50 rubles, four – 100 rubles and further in increasing order.

print Instagram photos in Russia

quick print photos from instagram

Printing photos is very easy. Go to any kiosk Boft, enter your username or hashtag, select snapshot and print.

Instagram photos print

Such pictures will be a great gift or surprise, because you can print photos of any user with open profile. If the profile is closed, the machine will ask first enter the password, which is subsequently reset.

We also include a list of addresses where Boft machines are installed for printing photos from Instagram in Russian cities.

address instagram machines in Moscow address instagram machines in Russia

where to print instagram photos print photos from instagram Instagram photo print

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