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Miley Cyrus was one of the most honored places in Disney. She starred in a fashionable youth series and was a famous singer. and actress. But recently, her name can only be found in tabloid newspaper. Many yellow press tell on mockery and scandalous photographs of Miley. Girl fast transformed from a role model for young girls into a subject universal gossip and condemnation.

Despite the dramatic changes in the image, Miley Cyrus remains a talented musician. Her albums are being sold out. world, and the released singles in the first weeks reach the top world charts. Is this all a powerful PR move, or a girl really goes through a difficult period of growing up – a question, the answer to which, probably, only close singers know. Fans can only keep track of news and updates in Twitter and Instagram Miley Cyrus, which, by the way, can be safely marked with the symbol “18+”. There are a lot of rumors around Miley, for example an affair with Justin Bieber, although he officially meets with Selena Gomez – Instagram @selenagomez.

Miley Cyrus on Instagram







The main difference between Instagram world pop stars from the pages Russian celebrities – the number of subscribers. For example, Miley Cyrus boasts 9.5 million followers. Some more successful songs and extravagant tricks – and the number of subscribers will exceed 10 millions. Or vice versa. This is already lucky.

The page of Miley Cyrus on Instagram is a “vinaigrette” from photos and videos made by the girl in minutes of free time. Interestingly, the singer prefers to relax at home, away from noise and a big crowd of people. Instead of “party” photos, Miley puts cozy home pictures of her pets and huge buckets with ice cream.

All other Cyrus personal photos taken in the process rehearsals, photo shoots and work in a recording studio. Yes miley many consider it freaking and even crazy, but to their work she is responsible, as evidenced by published in Instagram backstage pictures. In many photos you can see Miley’s mom, Trish Cyrus, who practically accompanies her is always.

So, Instagram Miley Cyrus was much more modest than Photos and reports appearing on the Internet. This is not the most meaningful and “exciting” account of foreign pop stars, however, its popularity is growing day by day. subscribe to Cyrus page is if you are her loyal a fan and want to be the first to know about upcoming interviews, concerts and recording singles.

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