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Mutual PR on Instagram or SFS (Shoutout for shoutout) popular with new blogs, small pages communities and advertising for novice bloggers. Similar format involves advertising on both pages: in stories or Tape.

How to find accounts for mutual PR

They share two search options: free and cheat. Last characterized in that the process of obtaining subscribers takes place in automatic mode.

The page owner or administrator invests in placing an advertising campaign or publication to attract subscribers. The price is calculated by an active and inanimate audience, in according to the purchased service package.

Other ways to make mutual PR on Instagram:

  • set hashtags “mutual PR” or SFS. Other administrators see the publication and will be able to seek cooperation. For searches also use comments under the post;
  • search in social networks. On Vkontakte and Facebook you can find users who are also looking for friendly pages with similar subjects;
  • write directly to the administrators of the pages of interest. IN Instagram, unlike other sites, the ability to write in Direct not limited to privacy settings;
  • contact the forums. Chats and forums are still active, where You can find partners for cooperation.

Sfs on Instagram exampleSfs on Instagram example

The first method is used more often: the page owner creates publication, which adds the picture and signature SFS. On request can respond like other bloggers and those who have just started develop page.

Mutual PR can be paid if one of the parties the number of subscribers is half the first. In that case, both pages agree on the cost and date of placement. On the page with the largest number of subscribers, an entry appears in the Ribbon, with appropriate text and description of someone else’s profile.

How to make mutual PR on Instagram

To make mutual PR, the user must be sure that his page is ready for new comments and followers. A successful option, how to attract a new audience, is considered holding a giva or raffle. Competition Information placed on other pages with a larger number subscribers.

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How to contact the administrator of someone else’s profile:

  • determine the general theme. For example, advertising is popular between lifestyle bloggers or mobile page owners photo processing;
  • choose the date of placement. On both profiles, the information should appear at the same time;
  • indicate how long the recording will last. It can be mutual permanent PR or temporary;
  • platforms for placement: Tape or Stories.

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Sfs on Instagram exampleSfs on Instagram example

You can write to other blogs through comments or take advantage of private messages. In the application indicate: subject, the necessary time and purpose of promotion.

When referring to groups, the profile owner also indicates the standard data and selects already from those who responded to the offer. More often mutual PR is built on an approximately equal amount subscribers.

Reciprocal posts in the tape and Storis

Mutual publication is also chosen by both parties. I.e, the owner of another account receives photos from the customer or videos to post. It can be one image. or a few in the carousel. The page owner writes a description of another account: can be compiled in advance.

In the description of someone else’s profile, they most often indicate: topics, features and attract subscribe. Also leave links below and mark the photos. But even for mutual PR take Pictures that will be combined with another account.

There are several advertising options for Storys:

  • using photos and links;
  • video where the profile owner talks about another page;
  • repost indicating authorship: go to profile Share – Submit to Stories.

The lack of advertising through stories is exactly one day later will disappear. Before ordering PR in Stories, page owners share statistics. That is, advertising is aimed only at business profiles where you can track coverage and quantity transitions.

After a successful advertising campaign, they share information about: how many new subscribers came, were there orders or customers (if PR is needed on the selling page), reviews or comments.

Mutual likes and comments

This format is called “Like Time”, where page owners share likes and comments. But there is a separate format: thanks to the “Like” mark of another user is displayed in the TOP. Subscribers are also shown likes. beloved blogger, so they are also involved in a mutual liking.

To consistently receive new comments and likes:

  • use services, for example, 1gram. Nice option with purchase in applications and programs;
  • set hashtags like “like” or “like4like”;
  • leave mutual comments on other publications;
  • look for new subscribers through social networks or groups in Instagram.

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1gram for Instagram cheat1gram for Instagram cheat

Reciprocal likes are not as popular and effective as SFS or Like Time. They are designed for quick results, but without further engaging subscribers.

The user can get likes for free using Royalty application, Neutrino. Services are built on mutual Like: that is, cheating on other accounts is included. From received coins depends on the number of likes added.

Mutual PR Templates

For advertising, you can use templates from Canva and Crello. IN services are available images that can be edited and add different quotes. But this format is more commonly used for stories. or topical.

Text templates are compiled as follows:

  • attractive title. Naming (or title) should be bright and unusual. Even scandalous topics are suitable for descriptions;
  • brief information. It can be taken from the “About Me” section;
  • link and benefits. The latter can be listed or added under emoticons.

Indicate not only the address of another page, but also mark user in the picture.

Standard visual templates can be divided into three categories:

  • carousel. A selection of uploaded publications or those sent a friendly blog;
  • one photo or video. Exclusive materials that do not were published in the second profile;
  • templates.

The same thing works in the opposite direction. When publishing, you need sign the name of the mutual PR on Instagram: “like”, “pay attention” or “subscribe on an interesting profile. ”

Mutual PR on Instagram is a quick way to rise with 10,000 subscribers up to 50,000. If you select a different profile, you need to pay attention to the activity of the audience and the number of likes under publications.

It’s likely that when ordering ads from a major blogger, another user will not get the opposite effect. Also, dubious or substandard content on a friendly page may cause unsubscribes or lack of performance.

It is recommended to arrange mutual PR no more often than once in month. Otherwise, the feed will be clogged with advertising offers.

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