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How to find partners on Instagram to promote your profile and mutually beneficial cooperation – this issue worries more SMM professionals and bloggers. About some search secrets partners in this social network and which can be organized joint promotions for public relations on Instagram, says Anna, the founder Insta-portal for business, freelancers, experts and bloggers @ FINDBESTPARTNER.

How to find a partner on InstagramThe time has passed when popular on Instagram without spending any money or others resources for promotion. Businessmen, freelancers, experts spend real money for promotion on a social network. But now I I focus on how to grow while helping to make it is different.

The idea of ​​the FINDBESTPARTNER information portal developed from the well-known sayings that having 100 friends is more effective than real money in the same amount. In the format of this article and applies to We’ll replace the word “friend” with “partner” on Instagram’s business, but the meaning is this will not change.

Examples of collaboration that can help save money or increase the number of subscribers / sales

Mutual PR in social networks. What is it?

Among instagramlers, this term is understood as simple a story about each other. Well, as simple — The more native (read – more natural) the story about the “guest” will fit into the main content account, the greater the chance of success. Choose the ones you like profiles, post posts in time and do not ignore the stage harmonization of texts.

Guest Blogging

Guest posting on InstagramThis is not a mutual story friend about a friend, and speaking with an expert article, interview, or story from my experience on a third-party site.

Joint photo session

If you pursue commercial interests you can not do without good pictures. If you have a store – you need more than just good ones, but great photos. This is a significant expense since you cannot post the same 20 photos. Look for partner.

Let me give you an example, you sew and sell incredibly beautiful skirts. Invite a store of accessories, shoes or tops. Everybody needs high-quality photo content. Look for a photographer, make-up artists set up to advertise their services on Instagram, and promote each other’s health and for the benefit of savings expenses.

Joint rental of showrooms or places at fairs

Look for a partner and share your rental budget.

Affiliate marketing

Let others promote you and get rewarded for every visitor or buyer who came by their recommendations.

How to find a partner to develop an account / business or hobby in Instagram?

– the simplest thing is to make a post in your account and, perhaps, about miracle! one of the subscribers happens to be exactly the one needed. – you can go to third-party resources and write ads on forums – you can do a manual search for potential partners through the same field on Instagram, but keep in mind that this is work to a cold audience.

Or you can come to us, where there is an active audience, people who are ready to develop, collaborate and organize collaboration, and which no need to explain the rules of behavior on Instagram for a long time. it save time, which is money.

On the FINDBESTPARTNER information portal you will find useful information and expert articles for business development, monetization of hobbies, as well as contractors, employees, customers and, of course, partners.

How to do it?

Use our weekly thematic rubric “Search partners “# fbp_search partners. Write about yourself, read about others and find like-minded people.

Search for partners on Instagram

We offer the possibility of placing individual post-ads about search by individual request and advertising posts for the field b2b.

We are also ready to place an ad in Stories format with a link to your account on the day of contact!

We give information – you control reality @findbestpartner

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