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To make a collage (several photos in one beautiful frame) for Instagram and other social networks, there are many applications for androids and for iPhones. However, they all have different opportunities: some know one thing, others – another. Therefore, to find the ideal application for you, you will need to install and try to use at least a few. Today i want you Introduce PhotoCollage for Android. This one of the most popular and worthwhile collage makers for various social networks.

You can download PhotoCollage from Google Play. First window of it It looks standard: you need to choose the frame that you fits. Please note that the top line shows the layouts are pretty standard, and the bottom ones are more interesting. It’s inconvenient that you cannot select the number of photos and view all available collages, but however, you can’t scroll through all the offers make up labor.

PhotoCollage application for creating a collage on Instagram

After you select the desired layout, you will find yourself on page where you can add photos to it, as well as some other items. To add a photo, just tap places. Opportunities to open a cloud service (for example, Dropbox or Yandex.Disk), unfortunately, no.

PhotoCollage to create a collage on Instagram

By adding all the photos, you can slightly modify the frames. between photos: make them thicker, round, specify another color.

PhotoCollage to create a collage on Instagram

In addition, you can add text to your picture. there is the ability to format it: several fonts to choose from, color, frame. On the layout, the inscription can be stretched a little or, conversely, squeeze.

PhotoCollage for Instagram

In addition to all this, if you wish, you can also add to the picture and stickers. But, unfortunately, in PhotoCollage their selection is quite small. Stickers, like text in the picture, can be stretched.

Stickers on PhotoCollage for Instagram

When you finish editing your photo masterpiece, you can send it to Instagram, as well as any other social network, e.g. Vkontakte or Odnoklassniki. To do this, click on the button in the upper right corner.

PhotoCollage – one of the best collage maker apps for Instagram. It is clearly better than InstaPicFrame (there is no text and stickers – only layouts), but inferior to many other programs in which, for example, can make collages not only square size (for example, InstaFrame). As I wrote above, just try a few different ones and choose what you need!

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