Photos from my Instagram profiles messed up!


Several Instagram accountsRecently Users Instagram pleased with a new feature – it became possible to conduct immediately multiple accounts in one application without leaving it. Someone I was delighted with such an innovation, someone did not even notice it, but someone as usual encountered difficulties.

Most often, maintaining 2-4 pages on Instagram may occur following errors:

– photos are confused, i.e. in the tape of one profile can be shows publications from another and even the third; – new posts Are loaded only under one nickname and not under any other; – all pages are not connected in one application.

If you encounter any of this problem, unfortunately, you are among those unlucky. Recently Instagram often “buggy”, and such glitches are treated only with the release of a new version applications.

In general, you have 3, in our opinion, ways out of the situation:

– the easiest – uninstall the application and reinstall it (not laugh, this recommendation is given in the official reference from Instagram in relation to many mistakes); – also simple, but for many Do not like it – wait for the next application update; – Let developers know about your issue. You can do this as with a mobile device and from a computer on the official website of the social. network in the “Help” section (see the bottom of the site).

If you still have suggestions for overcoming similar errors with multiple accounts on Instagram – speak in the comments surely! Your experience will help other users who are not know what to do.

James Walls

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