Photos on Instagram from a computer using Dropbox


Photos on Instagram from a computer using Dropboxthere is you have a photo taken on the camera on your computer, and you If you want to add it to Instagram, you can do it with cloud services, for example, using Dropbox.

Do not be alarmed by such a terrible name. Dropbox is easy a program that allows access to files that are stored in The internet. You can get this access both from a computer and from smartphone or tablet. Therefore, you can reset the photo to Dropbox on your PC, and then open it on Instagram from your phone.

To get started, register on the Dropbox website and install a program on a computer and an application on a phone. Reset the photo which you need to send to Instagram, on your computer to a special folder Dropbox, it will most likely be located on drive C.

Then open Instagram on your mobile device and select A photo is the same as you select pictures from your phone’s gallery. If you didn’t succeed in doing this, proceed to the settings – parameters – advanced functions and uncheck the item “use an Instagram camera with advanced features.” Now the picture can be taken out of cloud storage.

In fact, you can not resort to third-party programs, but just add the image to the photos folder on your mobile device, and select it from there already. But it seems to me like that more difficult.

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