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Promoting Storis on Instagram is possible in standard ways (through promotions), mass-hunting and collaboration with others bloggers. The list of popular methods includes cheating views and sfs.

Method 1: wrapping services

A method with Stories has been added to the cheating of subscribers and likes. Stories have short view statistics and information. about users who have already seen Stories Potential the audience will see an unknown profile in the list of viewers and come in, to find out information about the visitor.

Stories wrapping tools (or mass-wrapping) work in such services:

  • computer version of Zengram. Audience volume selection, timer and interval between visits;
  • PromoFlow for mobile devices. Paid check is available, with selection of tags for viewing and base;
  • InstaPlus for smartphones. Paid MassBooking feature with viewing by audience.

Using PromoFlow as an example, how to work with automatic viewing Stories:

  1. Download and install the PromoFlow app.
  2. Login – enter data from the Instagram page.
  3. Connect Google Account. Tasks in Promoflow for InstagramTasks in Promoflow for Instagram
  4. Click below: “Tasks” – View Stories.The challenge is to watch Instagram StoriesThe challenge is to watch Instagram Stories
  5. Specify type: by geolocation, by hashtag, subscribers and list accounts.

Next, the user will be redirected to the standard settings: choice of interval between views, days of the week, filters and other things.

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Method 2: Promotion

Promoting Instagram History is possible through Ads Manager or standard feature in social networks. With the latter often arise setup problems: inappropriate format, outdated publication and stuff.

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By adding an advertising campaign through Ads Manager, the user may indicate such data:

  • lecture hall. Age, geographical location, preferences;
  • budget and duration. How many ads will be shown in Storis;
  • third-party images. Pictures and videos created specifically for promotions.

To create an advertising campaign, the advertiser needs to create a Facebook page: personal and commercial. Following step – connecting Instagram and Facebook profiles, i.e. related accounts.

How to promote Stories:

  1. Log in to Facebook – log in.
  2. Click on the top: “Create” – Advertising.
  3. Purpose: Traffic – enter a name. Facebook Ads for InstagramFacebook Ads for Instagram
  4. In the side menu, select: “Advertising” – Company Identification – Instagram.
  5. Choose an ad format – specify in the display settings: “Stories”.
  6. Fill in the columns with individual information – send to moderation.

Or, create a Instagram Story and click below: “Promote”. A menu for creating an advertising campaign with similar ones will appear. Facebook settings.

Method 3: through bloggers and SFS

Storys promotion on Instagram is possible with the support of others users with a large audience. Popular way how create ads and tell potential subscribers – SFS. Share for Story is free, but the result is depends on the owner of the page and preparation of the profile for new to subscribers. That is, if the page is not interesting or full low-quality content – customers and users right away unsubscribe.

How does SFS work:

  1. A blogger or a user with a major blog posts with rules of participation.
  2. Subscribers leave comments and fulfill the conditions: Talk about another profile in Stories or Stream.
  3. The blogger selects from the list those who are suitable for advertising.
  4. Places the same advertising message on his profile.

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The disadvantage of promoting Stories over SFS is that the owner a large blog may not notice or just skip accounts. TO for example, inappropriate content, themes, or ad space are over.

It is recommended to create SFS provided that the total subscribers – at least 5000, there is a live audience and coverage.

Why it’s impossible to promote stories

It is not possible to promote Storis on Instagram for several reasons: custom and technical.

What concerns the first type:

  • incorrect design. User created too large. or a small image;
  • inappropriate content. Photos or videos that contradict Instagram rules
  • The ad campaign was not launched correctly. Owner account made mistakes when filling out an application.

In technical:

  • Instagram app not updated;
  • ads are temporarily blocked in a specific region;
  • no connection with Facebook;
  • failures on the side of the social network.

If the advertisement was incorrectly created, it can be adjusted and resubmit for moderation. Creating a Instagram Campaign in Stories, the user may encounter errors: Inappropriate format, Publish Deprecated “or” Effects Used. ” Occurs even if a picture or video was created through standard camera.

To get such a Story on Instagram, you need to update application or make sure you are linked to Facebook. If necessary – re-create a second profile or temporarily untie both social network.

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