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I have never tried to complete Instagram registration through Facebook, and finally decided to do this to tell you Dear readers, what awaits you. However, she was a little disappointed since in fact this item is in order to register in application, almost unnecessary! The fact is that you first link your Facebook to a non-existing Instagram account, and then do the registration with this binding. Only plus – the “personal book” will be automatically attached to your page. But let’s take a closer look at everything.

So, the first time you log in to Instagram, you see the following picture. As you can understand, it is possible to register with using email, and using your Facebook account. If the second is closer to you, select this item.

How to register on Instagram via Facebook

You will be prompted to log into your account or create a new one.

How to register on Instagram via Facebook

Enter email address mail or an attached phone number; and password. Allow access to post publications from Instagram on Facebook in the future, as well as access to your name and profile picture. The latest data will be needed to automatically fill in the fields upon direct registration (more on this below).

How to register on Instagram from Facebook

And now you’ll just be redirected to where you can Sign up for Instagram. In general, you would get here if didn’t select the item from Facebook, just the fields would have to be filled. A so – they are filled automatically according to your name on “face book”. By the way, but the email address is not Facebook, and android, I noticed.

How to register on Instagram via Facebook

In general, you just have to fill in all the fields and click on a checkmark button in a blue square. And you will become user of the most popular social network in the world!

In conclusion, I want to say that, in general, they could calmly to register on Instagram without Facebook. It can be connect to your account at any time! So better choose regular registration, then you will not need to fill out extra fields, you will quickly get access to your profile, and you can configure export to other social networks in any moment.

By the way, many are looking for how to register on Instagram through In contact with. So, too, you have to be upset, so You can’t register either. You can only use third-party applications directly from the VK site, and they can only show photos from the tape, likes and comments, as well as perform Search for people profiles and publications by hash tags.

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