Results of the year from Instagram 2018


2018 is almost over and Instagram is clearly following the content plan, like any decent blogger publishes the “Results of the Year” in numbers. Starting with the most popular gifs and emoji, asmr and k-pop, and ending with #meetoo activism.

Emoji & Gifs

instagram heart GIFThe most popular GIF in Stories – jumping heart. The most used emoji is also a heart ❤️ (more than 14 million hearts for 2018). And the usual smiley most often used in posts with the Disneyland Tokyo geolocation.

? How to make an animation (GIF-sticker) on Instagram Stories?

YouTube’s ASMR also came to Instagram. The most popular hashtags are #asmrfood and #asmrslime.

What is ASMR – is whispering, rustling, and any similar sounds, from which some people have goosebumps, and someone like that relaxes or falls asleep. Everything else just gets a little uncomfortable.

Music and dancing

K-pop (pop music from Korea) is still walking the planet #btsarmy is a top Instagram fandom.

Viral dance challenge with the most views – #inmyfeelingschallenge, in which even the stars participated, from @theshiggyshow to @ willsmith.

Millions of people use Instagram not only as an entertainment platform, but also for social activism. Hashtags #metoo (1.5 million posts), #timesup (597 thousand posts), #marchforourlives (562 thousand posts) were the most popular in 2018 in this area.

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