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We are all used to taking and publishing online photos. A after all, such popularity appeared only after the appearance of Instagram. This program makes it instantly easy and simple. edit the photo and immediately upload it to the network. And of course after the promotion of Instagram, clone programs began to appear, which are clearly inferior in functionality. But photoshop retrica managed to surprise and draw attention to his unusual approach.

retrica free download

Retrica photo editor available for computer completely free and allows you to take pictures with the tilt-shift effect, vignetting and a set of filters that visually change a photograph. It’s especially convenient that the photo is edited in real Time Online – you instantly see the future result on the screen your mobile device or computer.

Edit Retric Photos

At the top of the Retrica app is the settings panel, with buttons for the aspect ratio, turning effects on and off, and switching between the main and front camera of the device. Below are buttons for selecting filters, random selection and shutter button. There are exactly forty filters, which are normal the user should be more than enough.

Thus, Retrica is one of the most useful photoshop. apps on the App Store are also free.

retric photo editor

Retrica free download for computer

However, you can run the Photoshop program Retrica and on computer: just install the application on your computer BlueStacks, available completely free on the developer’s site. After installation, the program will help you create a Google account, with with which you can make online purchases on Play Market

How to download a retriever to a computer

After successfully registering your Google account, go to Google Play and in the search for the application we enter “Retrica” ​​- after which we get to the app page in the Google store. By pressing the button “Install”, and then, confirming the action by pressing the button “Confirm” in the menu that appears, we can use the application Retrica for the computer, since it downloads in a matter of seconds.

Photo retriever photo editor for computer

Online analogues


If this method does not quite suit you, then you can try one of the analogues available both online and in the form client for the Windows operating system. Google suggests using their app called Picasa Photoshop, which in addition to cataloging and storing your photo cards, also knows how to edit them, imposing on them filters, cropping to the desired size and color settings temperature. You can also use Picasa to send ready-made snapshots for various web services are officially supported Facebook, flickr, and several other popular sites.


You can try Pickmonkey service, accessible from anywhere. world where there is online internet. Using the site is very simple: you upload your photo, and then in real apply the filters you like, among which there are vignetting, tilt shift, text overlay on the photo and others popular effects. You can load the resulting photo card to your computer’s hard drive.

Pxlr o Matic

A similar function is performed by the pxlr o matic photo service, allowing you to take your own photo using a webcam a computer. Next, the photo taken appears in the editor, almost the same as what we saw in Pickmonkey. Process editing the photo of the two services is not much different, so the choice is yours.

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