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A very popular, beautiful and young girl Oksana was born in April 1988 in the city of Ukhta. Having completed only three courses Samoilov University went to Moscow and embarked on her modeling career. Now we recognize her as a famous model, repeatedly appeared in the popular male Maxim Magazine. Her beautiful appearance and figure provided rapid career growth. Now Samoilova is not only engaged in modeling, but is also a designer and wife rapper dzhigan. Oksana Samoilova on Instagram Samoilova met with Denis “Dzhigan” Ustimenko-Weinstein, with whom they are together on this day. Ariel’s daughter was born to a couple in 2011. The wedding is happy couple for personal reasons transferred to a beautiful date 12/12/12. Currently, the beauty is preparing to become a mother again, which is clearly seen in her photographs.

Oksana is also a representative of the boutique. MiraSezar together with the founder herself project by Myra Cesar (Miraslava Shvedova). In fact, it is Samoilova acts as the “face” of the project. And all these aspects of her life are highlighted in the photo blog. How to take a selfie like Samoilova, to have such popular photos?

Looking at her photographs, one cannot forget for a second that this is precisely the wife of Dzhigan Oksana Samoilova. Her Instagram is full of joint photos, it’s there if not husband Denis, the daughter of Ariel. In general, it perfectly matches that the heroine that Djigan describes in her songs is beautiful, loving, family and serious. Even Instagram stamps (e.g. photo on iPhone in the mirror) Oksana embodies with her daughter. It’s not known what Jigan said in the songs about popularity. his chosen one. Today on Instagram Samoilova Oksana (which can be found at @samoylovaoxana) signed more than 413 thousand people. Thus, Oksana’s subscribers one and a half times more than that of her husband. Dzhigan and Oksana Samoilova Instagram For family and designer Oksana’s work does not forget that she is still a model. Even being again awaiting replenishment in the family, Oksana Samoilova in Instagram is constantly posting new spectacular photos. Photo discussions are full of excitement about how great she looks in her position. The model itself shares its feelings and advice with your “followers” ​​-subscribers.

With his busy Oksana Samoilova Instagram updates often enough – two or three photos a day – and manages to follow for comments. It’s nice that there’s not a lot of discussion spam, no rudeness. This corresponds to her correct “image.”

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